Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mikhail, Mikhail

"Yesterday does not belong to you. Tomorrow is uncertain. Only today is yours."
Jean Paul II

On next day after Kaczynski was praying in the Parliament he has ordered extermination of the Lord. It was day of 11 anniversary of the death of Jean Paul II. There could be no better concession.

Like Mikhail Gorbachev some wanted to take the Lord to the psychiatric hospital and gas him there like the Nazi did with his people in gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenauen.

It was not only day of the death of Polish Pope but they has made it also the Day of Autism. On that occasion Maltese artists has highlighted main buildings in the center of Warsaw on blue.

Their intentions was open. Leader of leading opposition “Nowoczesna” party Ryszard Petru has commented Kaczynski move in such words: “Probably Kaczynski made examination of conscience”.

The Lord has long time suspected that death of Polish Pope was not accidental and that he has been poisoned by the Malta Order and is treating Kaczynski behavior as concession. Yet another proof in this case.

The revision was not possible as Iran treats this case as “a matter of defense and national security, which is not open to any negotiations or compromise ”. On morning they has written that “Iran wants ‘calm’ in northern neighbors” – having in mind the Europe. Earlier they has suggested that Lord and his Son reunion shall be part of Palestinian cause.

It is obvious also that some leaders - like Kaczynski - are wholeheartedly committed to the Malta Order and does not have replacements.  Seems our Malta Cavaliers do not want a revenge but want to hide crimes that has commit...

On next day the Lord has decided to partially censor his blog on certain idea to not give his Enemies arguments for removing this blog completely. 

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