Monday, April 18, 2016

Missing U

Most of the Lord allies for which Amanda is like a remedy would do not wait for this meeting to happen. They will be slain and replaced by the Maltese before the end of this year.

As we are closer to elections in the US and Russia, we are also closer to the long awaited meeting of the Lord and his Presidential girl-friend. For many of the Lord allies she is like a remedy for their inactivity. However, they will soon find out that it is a lost hope.

Lost hope not because it will not happen. We are both more and more convicted that it will be positive episode for both of us. However, those vulnerable world leaders that have their replacement waiting in hide will be slain and will never observe us together.

Through whole life of the Lord they did not supported him in any other way that by the empty words. They was vegetating on the Maltese play, doing nothing to improve the Lord situation. It was especially visible during the Lord stay on the Belgian streets and in the prison.

The only one that the Lord will miss is Vladimir Putin that has proved his loyalty to the Lord at many occasions. All others – Obama, Nethanyahu, Cameron, Merkel and even Tusk – has come to be useless.

They has lost their time and the Lord will not miss them at all. There will be no difference if they are or not in the play. With the exception of Putin that for the Lord is a truly strategic partner. Somebody on who he can rely.  We will plunge into the war without You. Dear Vladimir.

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