Wednesday, April 6, 2016


In what Polish Nationalist are different from National-Socialist of Germany? According to the Lord, as in case of every nationalists, the difference is slightly. Mainly decorative.

Looking back through history the best illustration is the case of Bronislaw Pilsudski, one of the ancestors of the Lord. He also had a son early, during his stay on exile. When he returned to Europe he started to collaborate not with his brother – Jozef Pilsudski but with his main political rival – leader of Polish nationalists – Roman Dmowski.

They has collaborated together in Paris and Bronislaw was supported by this circle but the nationalists was not so friendly. Like Kaczynski party they wanted to see Pilsudski dead but in difference to the Nazi or Bolsheviks did not wanted to made this by their own hands.

The beast option was for them murdering by the Russians but also good case was some random attack. This happened  in 1917, when the I World War was nearing to the end. We do not know if this made the Blosheviks, Tsarist or it was random attack bur Bronislaw landed in the Seine river.

For everybody it was better to not make an investigation into cause of the death and Paris police has quickly announced that this was a suicide. We do not know who was behind this crime but one is sure: Bronislaw Pilsudski did not had protection that in his case was highly needed.

Times has changed and also Polish nationalism is different. During Kaczynski reign we can observe many Nazi tactics and strategies incorporated into mainstream thinking of his party. The direct attacks on the Lord has became a normality.

While Kaczynski seems to be fully in love with the Revisionism, that was also not strange to Dmowski, there are cases of picking up the Nazi banner directly. The main case of such behavior is the Nazi cult build on the Smolensk catastrophe. The annual march and celebration of Smolensk anniversary are fully in the tunes of Horst Wessel Lied.

What Kaczynski is doing is just waiting for Pilsudski Seine river at same time increasing antisemitic ambiance against the Lord. The Polish Question that Lord posed before them and whole Europe is secondary.

Kaczynski will not only not provide security for the Lord waiting for random attack, that in spite of this Smolensk machinery, can happened anytime soon but will do nothing to secure the long lasting peace with the Russians.

In his doctrine, the only possibility is the Fusion War and all his efforts will be directed for that. As long, as Kaczynski will be ruling in the country, the peace option will stay on the margin of events. If there will be a peace option at all.

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