Monday, April 18, 2016

NATO reluctance

Gentleman, I see reality as she is. Among You there is nobody like I. If somebody would not be found there could be no Poland in 10 years.
Józef Piłsudski
Marshal of Poland

Recent comment made by General Petr Pavel that NATO base in Poland would mean escalation of the conflict is yet another signal that nobody in Europe will die for Poland. Even if the Cold Fusion is on the stake.

In 1939 Poland while had similar alliance with the Great Britain and France was left alone in spite of Nazi Germany invasion. While recently Madeleine Albright stated that “Poland can feel secure, as it is member of NATO” without real presence of the American and NATO forces on our territory this statement will be nothing but just an empty words.

We had been left alone by the West in the past and we would be left alone in the future. The upcoming summit of NATO in Warsaw could be an option to build a real alliance against possible Russian invasion on the country but the Polish diplomacy behaves as child begin unable or unwilling to play the Cold Fusion card.

The Poland is not prepared for the invasion that would occur anytime in next 10 years and we are able to defend ourselves for days maybe weeks. The efforts that current governments is undertaking is nothing compared to what the Sanation government has made in the terms of improving the country defense before the outbreak of the II World War.

Nobody in Europe will die for the Polish cause even if the Cold Fusion is on the stake. This is a reality that Poles must understand. The only way to assure everlasting peace with the Russian Federation is through the Lord peace initiative. But again, no efforts are undertaken by the Polish government that is more interested in increasing antisemitism build on their Smolensk cult.

In spite of this inaction, the Lord can only repeat the prophetic words of his uncle:. "There could be no Poland in 10 years."

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