Saturday, April 2, 2016


Some could say that the meeting of the Lord and The Messiah could pose a global threat to the world, as the Lord would guide his son. This could be true only if the world would have bad intentions toward both.

The case is complicated and the biggest fear is in that the Lord would say to the Messiah to destroy this fallen civilization. It is true but that would only happen if certain things would be not fixed by the world powers.

The Lord presented his 9 points Manifesto that must happen if his opinion on this civilization would be positive. If the world leaders will not work towards the goals presented in this Manifesto the Lord will recommend the Messiah to destroy this fallen civilization.

However, if even part of this Manifesto would be enacted into life his opinion would be positive and mankind would not only be saved but will receive some advanced technology, different that the Cold Fusion.

Thus this meeting of the Lord and his son will be not easy thing to organize and it will take many years. It would be really long campaign and Russia must expect that the Poles would make another requests – like leaving the Crimera – to what Lord want. The meeting of this two is complex issue and the world powers shall start work on it as soon as possible if they want to avoid a war with Russia.

Building the trust is not easy thing but still is possible. On both sides of Cold Fusion equation we have reasonable leaders that would like to avoid a war which wouldtake a toll in millions of lives. A war that was certain in the Western strategy.

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