Sunday, April 10, 2016


"My name is million because for a millions 
I am enduring and suffering agony"

Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj,

To understand Polish politicians strategy You need to know one keyword. It is a truth - in Russian PRAVDA. One of them has said during Smolensk anniversary that "until PRAVDA will not come the reconciliation will be not full".

It is strictly Nazi approach coming from so called Revisionist Zionism. The truth on the Lord and his Smolensk romance is so uncomfortable to the rulers that they will do everything to erase him from the memory and replace the truth by... their version of truth.

This is basic idea that beckoned Ribbentrop and Molotov when they signed their deal on partitioning II Commonwealth of Poland between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The plan was ambitious but they has never achieved it fully. While the people, mainly Polish officers and Jews, that remembered has died in Soviet Katyn and Ostaszków and various other Nazi concentration camps - the memory of Witkacy prevailed.

The Lord doubts if our politicians will be anytime soon able to make such an agreement. The problem is that for Russians his person is strategic, as only he can guarantee that no Cold Fusion technology will be given to the mankind on the occasion of the God Judgment that is going to happen in 2033.

What Polish leaders does not understand is that Lord person poses a truly War & Peace question for the Russians. Even if their leaders would be replaced this status quo will not change. Still for the Russians it will be matter of to be or no to be.

Lord doubts if they will in such situation ever agree on the Revision. They would lose the only option for a durable peace. If he would be dead, the peace with Russsia would be dead too and soon Poland and whole Europe will face Russian invasion targeting the Lord nest.

The problem is that Russians must be guaranteed that no Cold Fusion will be transferred to the mankind by the Lord or his Son. Otherwise they will launch invasion on Poland to safeguard Lord nest. Will they then remove the only option for peace? Lord doubts but if this will become a fact he will take with himself millions of people. 

He will take millions. Not only those that remember who they are but also many others that will fight on both sides of the front. The Russians would be desperate, as it is future of their motherland on the stake - future of their income from oil & gas. It would be great war, probably III World War. So cross Your fingers, dear Nazi imbeciles. Your Pravda will come but on tanks...

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