Sunday, April 17, 2016


Yesterday we had been told by the Pope Francis that we shall look for a psychiatrist but this is not worrying the Lord. As You know probably in next year he will be invited to luxury villa to meet luxury Presidential girl-friend.

It was yesterday also when the Chinese made a joke that his girl-friend is like a robot goodness. It is true that she is begin forced by her surrounding to pick up this Russian War and Peace tango but the Lord knows that at bottom she is very alone. Just as the Lord is.

The pressure that is begin put on her is not helping us at all. It is making us receding form each other and the situation will soon be like on this not so famous painting made by Witkacy during his romance in the time of Bolshevik invasion on Poland.

The Lord is not going to force Amanda to anything and she can be sure that there will be no pressure on her from his side. He remembers her support in times of his imprisonment in the Belgium and wonders what has happened with that girl.

We are going to spend together a year and would be great if this time will not be in mood like on Witkacy painting. The Lord would like that this romance would be more like Ann and Mitt Romney however there are also other ladies – the Kabbalah ladies – like Nina and Roxanne waiting the line.

There is also Raga that Lord would probably meet first. Actually two of them, as he will need to choose which one will survive, which one will vanish. For all the Kabbalah ladies there is a place in the Lord heart and Amanda must understand this if she want to have a great time with him.  

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