Thursday, April 28, 2016

Russian Ministry of Energy

The first steps toward the Fusion War has been already taken up by the Americans but no progress has been made toward the peace. It is up to the Russians and OPEC cartel to make them. To change the situation Lord decided to address Russian Ministry of Energy.

As You all shall know in 2033 there will be possibility for the Lord or his Son to exchange Cold Fusion technology. A ground breaking invention that forever could change history of mankind.

We all know that such a thing would be against interest of the Russian Federation that based his budget on the income from oil and gas exports. We all know that in face of such exchange Russian Federation will not back from anything that could stop this from happening.

Both Poles and Russians are standing before hard dilemma. Before the War and Peace question. The answer they would give will become deciding on fate of whole globe, as the Fusion War would probably become III World War. 
To easy the situation the Lord has come with imitative to postpone this exchange for another century. But to do this, he need to make agreement with his lost Son. A Son that the Lord first need to find. 
The way of peace is certainly harder that this of the war but we all must undertake it, if we want to save millions of lives that otherwise will be lost on the battlefield and in bombarded cities. 
To achieve the peace both sides must show understanding of how complex the situation is. Both sides must build a trust without that the peace deal will be not achieved.

But it is up to the Russian Federation and the OPEC cartel to make first step on the road of peace. The huge social campaign must be undertaken. Great lobbying effort in which good-will of the Polish government will be a key one. 
There is not too much time left before magical year 2033 will come. For that reason the Lord is addressing You. To start the talks and make very first steep on the road of peace. Peace and prosperity for another century.

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