Sunday, April 3, 2016

Panama Papers

What did Vladimir Putin in this weekend cannot be named in other terms like historic decision. Not only Polish President Andrzej Duda was blackmailed. Putin also, much more seriously. 

The Lord did not had idea that his situation was so serious. In his naivety he has though that Malta will simply continue their script. He did not knew that together with his people he would be exterminated. On the symbolic day of death of Pope Jean Paul II.

To be successful in this effort Malta Order needed to force Russia to forget the Lord and the Polish Question he poses. They was blackmailing Vladimir Putin and when he has not fallen to this corruption attempt they has released bunch of dirty linens- the Panama Papers.

Vladimir Putin has made historic decision not only on the fate of the Lord but also on fate of Polish – Russian relations and maybe on whole world, as the Messiah after observing such a thing they has did with his Father would simply destroy this Nazi-Bolshevik civilization.

This way the hope for long lasting peace among brothers is not yet lost. We do not know what will happen in the near future. It is open question if the West will decide to go on the Fusion War or not but the chance for peace is still alive.

If Putin would fall to this black-mall there would be no other way that the war with Russia. Moreover his moral backbone would be broken and he would become just a puppet of the West on the Russian Throne. Falling to their plots.

The Ribbentrop-Molotov pact did not happened and the Poland is still in the situation in which the peace with Russia is possible. Otherwise we would plunge into war.

In this context recent statement of Martin Schulz from the European Parliament that the Lord “has come one step too far” by revealing the truth on his Son is just funny one. They has marginalized him, treated like a trash and wanted to gas in gas chamber and still think he would be willing to offer them Cold Fusion.

What would do Lord son – the Messiah when he would sit down on the God's Throne in our nest in 2033. What he would do observing what You did with his father? What You did with the world?

Thank You personally Vladimir. You gave the peace a chance. Lord will say more. You gave the world a chance. This smear campaign of the West will pass but in hearts and minds of people You will be remembered as great leader. You did not fallen to this Malta corruption. Corruption build on the dead body of Polish Pope Jean Paul II.

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