Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Second OPEC letter

The situation has changed and the Lord and the world has been told about his firstborn son - the Messiah. Therefore Lord has decided to write another letter to the OPEC cartel to update them on the situation and his proposal of peace deal.

Dear OPEC members, 
Last month I had written a letter to You but since that time many thing has changed. As You shall know in 2033 there will be possibility for the mankind to receive the invention of the Cold Fusion. A groundbreaking technology that would make world no longer dependent on the oil and gas. 
However, the Lord is not willing to give the Cold Fusion to the people now and thinks about postponing it for another century. He is willing to negotiate a deal with You and Russians and in exchange for a share in the profits from the oil exports, as well a security guarantees for his country, he would offer the world another technology, not the Cold Fusion. 
The problem is in fact that the Lord have already a heir. About what he was unaware until very recently. Still, he is not willing to share the Cold Fusion technology and could convince his son to also not give the West this invention. 
But they are separated now and does not have any contact. Here comes Your opportunity. To organize such a meeting we will need to prepare huge campaign to convince Polish, and not only, officials to allow this two to meet and talk freely. 
First a progress must be made and at least part of points from the Lord Manifesto must be enacted into life, so nobody will be afraid that the Lord will ask his Son to not save the world this time. 
Therefore, before the meeting could happen we will need to spend a lot of efforts on the diplomacy to make it real. On beginning Polish authorities will be unwilling to cooperate but with time they will soften, as the only alternative to the peace deal is an open war with the Russian Federation that will be forced to capture and safeguard the Lord nest. To be sure that nobody will bring the Cold Fusion from it on the occasion of the Judgment of God that is going to happen in 2033. 
Because of the complexity of such a campaign I am asking You to establish a close relation between You and the Lord to start acting on this campaign with main objective to organize meeting between the Lord and his firstborn Son – the Messiah. A meeting during which they will agree on postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion.

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