Saturday, April 9, 2016

Smolensk crusade

"And you, audacious. and your group,
Together you would come into depths,
But it is your forefathers country,
and our blood goes in you."

Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj,
Świteź, 1822

Lord ancestor - Witkacy - when was defending himself from false accusations of murdering his girlfriend by crushing bottle on her head was in comfort situation. The Lord defending from same claims was not so strong but also prevailed.

It is true victory of Christianity and cold reason over the Nazi plot and the Teutonic crusade that some of the Polish leaders undertaken in the unjust case. If there would be no custom of KKK like court hood there will be not so many victims of so called Smolensk catastrophe.

It is a Maltese tradition to organize for the Lord such a tragic romance in which his loved one die murdered by crashing the bottle of vine on her head. The tradition that reaches the times of Adam Mickiewicz.

Another of Lord ancestors – Witkacy - when was defending from same accusations was in much better situation.. The Holy Bible was not protecting him directly but the fact of coming of the comet was ultimate defense. He could calmly sit down with his wife Nina and open the bottles, one by one.

The case of the Lord nowadays was much harder. The timing of the comet is not protecting him and he is extremely weak. The only things that are protecting him is a truth of this events, the Holy Trinity and the fact that if Poland, or broader Europe, will lose him, there will be no chances for a peace with the Russian Federation. The Holocaust debt also play his role.

This things has made him to come over victorious from the crusade that some has undertaken. This makes him still resisting Horst Wessel Lied march of not only ruling party,  Everything thanks to Lord allies and his further wife. The true believers.

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