Monday, April 4, 2016

Smolensk purges

Józef Piłsudski:To me, kid, you will be shooting?

Henryk Piątkowski: Yes, because I have such order

Smolensk March of Million is coming. The Nazi in Warsaw has successfully removed the Lord and now it is second step – time for purges in Presidential Palace and on the battlefield.

The lives of officers of Polish Army and his Allies who served the Lord during Smolensk campaign are in direct danger now. They could be sent to the Inferno and shoot out by the Nazi in their blind revenge while their leaders that made an orders - replaced.. A justice, as Kaczynski call it.

They are proud Jews, Christians, Muslims and others that has served the Cause of Christ from very long time – protecting the Holy Trinity from all death threats that we are facing. Now, Kaczynski want to reward them for their patriotism - taking revenge for his brot.

It is true that during the Smolensk campaign the Holy Bible was not protecting the Lord directly but nobody from us, including the Lord was aware of this. The Lord at that time was not introduced into Jewish Kabbalah at all.

He was just a homeless Jew facing deadly accusations of murdering his girlfriend in Amsterdam. Fortunately most of Christian leaders, on the front with Vladimir Putin, has stand in their 'human impulses' against injustice and defended the unity and integrity of the Holy Trinity. Even if they did not knew what they are actually doing.

This brave faithfuls, while as we found out, was not directly protecting the Jewish nation from dissolving are paying the debt that the mankind owns to the Jews, as most of us vanished in the Holocaust because some wanted to erase the Lord from the memory.

There is also an issue of Cold Fusion. The Nazi in Warsaw shall be aware that if the Lord would not prevailed there will be no other option as the war with the Russians. The peace would be dead.

How Kaczynski can take a revenge on brave officers that was serving their country to the end. In what he is different from Hitler and Stalin that was murdering them in similar revenge. In similar effort to erase the Lord from the memory. To replace the truth on Czesia Okinska by their 'truth'. Their version of events.

There is other group of officers in the Palace. The group that organized murder of Melanie. The group that organized rape of Roxanne. This group, strictly Nazi, shall be executed in the name of justice. Justice of the God Almighty. But Kaczynski will not touch them. He will not touch them because they are cornerstone for the Malta Order.

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