Monday, April 11, 2016

The Ditcator

Obama has revealed what he thinks was his biggest mistake. He told that it is lack of his efforts in overthrowing Libyan dictator – Kadaffi. But he thinks about somebody else. The Lord.

The Lord must admit that Obama is one of most difficult members of his camp and he always have a troubles with him. He is also most powerful one but sometimes behaves like a calf pitching his hoofs on every side.

This is maybe not best moment for such criticism, as Obama together with other campers is facing deadly threat of replacement but he has provoked the Lord to comment.

The problem that Obama have to the Lord is that he has told his Russian brother about the Messiah. They wanted cheat the Russians on Cold Fusion now must face Russian threat of invasion on Poland.

The one of key reasons why the Lord did this, beside interest of his country, was a treatment that he received under Obama eight years in office. From the worker of corporation he has become a homeless and even begin imprisonment for almost 4 years.

One of presidential candidate Mr. Trump has summarized this in one sentence “What Obama did to Israel is disgrace.” Obama shall not wonder that the Lord has 'betrayed' the West receiving even worse treatment that his grandfather and father during the communist reign.

The Lord does not have his people – The Polish Jews – as they has been slain in the Holocaust already but is thinking about his country. He wish Poland to stay on the Western side and thus by his revelation has forced NATO to defend it from before Russian invasion.

Even if the Lord will not survive this war, his son will still live in the free Poland. On the Western part of the Europe. Begin part of the European Union not neo-Soviet block.

The Lord has written official letter to the U.S Department of Energy but Obama has left it without answer. He was ignoring the Lord through his reign in the Oval Office and now the West is going to pay the price for that.

He has said that it was his biggest mistake to not overthrow the Lord but if he would do – the Russians will be left without the hope for the peace. In this seanse the status quo has not changed. The Lord is the Prince of Peace par excellence and Obama biggest mistake was not that he did not overthrow the Lord but that he has mistreated him badly.

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