Monday, April 25, 2016

Lost Peace?

The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

The latest deployments of American forces to the Eastern Europe are a strong signal that at least US President Obama is taking seriously the Polish Question and the Russian threat related to the Cold Fusion technology.

Also in Poland the Minister of Defense takes this threat seriously and announced increasing by half the size of Polish Army. The Russians are maybe surprised and are complaining but must understand that the politicians at West started to realize the threat related to the Cold Fusion.

It is only matter of time before Russians will enter this race and will start to arm and prepare themselves for the Fusion War.

Is then hope for peace lost? It depends mainly from Poles. The American moves are so far symbolic and we do not know how the West will behave in the face of the invasion of Russians to secure access to the Lord nest.

Through the years of the Cold War they did not decided to retake it and ask the Lord for the Cold Fusion, so we do not know if they will be ready to sacrifice their troops in such a war. At the end it can come that nobody in Europe is willing to die for this ground-breaking technology.

For that reason Poles cannot close themselves for the peace deal that the Lord is offering. Both options the War and Peace need to be taken seriously but it is up to the Russians and OPEC cartel to make first step.

The campaign to reunite Father and Son – the Lord and the Messiah – must be prepared and it will be one that must be organized on the large scale. The lobbing effort must be serious, as serious would be a peace wish on both sides.

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