Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trump can be right

‘The only way to win World War III is to prevent it’
General Dwight Eisenhower 

One of US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump defending his foreign policy has stated that “We do not have any other choice”. Why it could be that he is very right?

It is not an accident that today on the semi-official Kremlin news agency Sputnik News you could beside reading that Putin is not going to give up Assad read an open question 'Russian Missiles Global Reach: Does Moscow Need Military Bases Aboard?'.

It is an quite open declaration of the intentions of Kremlin. Forced to defend their main source of income – the oil and gas, they will not back from anything. Including the nuclear option.

Why then one of Polish Internet portal stated that Trump doctrine is dangerous for the security of Poland? It is a cold reality. Nobody at the West will die for the Cold Fusion. Americans can and should be afraid of Russia nuclear arsenal.

The hard-liners at Kremlin seems to understand this very well. The threat of the Fusion War going global can paralyze Polish allies and whole NATO. Like in September 1939 we could be left alone in this war. A war that would be certain if not the Lord peace drive.

A drive that to be successful must be backed by both Poles and Russians. The statement of Trump is very brave and at same time quite realistic. He seems to understand how desperate Russians will be in their efforts to stop transfer of Cold Fusion.

The nuclear option is open and possible answer to NATO involvement in defense of Poland. Poles must understand this and must be ready to face Russian invasion alone. Therefore they must do everything to avoid a war. And the Lord has gave them a chance for this. Will they pick up it or will they stick to the war it is open question. Very Polish Question.

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