Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Unproved reserves

Recently Russia declared that their reserves of the oil will be enough for next 20 years. It is a move designed to calm anti-Russian sentiment in the Europe. The unprepared Poland will be easy prey for the upcoming invasion.

Naive reader could think that if they have a reserves only for 2036 they shall be not objecting of possible transfer of the Cold Fusion technology that could happen on the occasion of the Judgment of the Lord  in the year 2033.

This is an announcement counted strictly for upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw where the Allies could take decision to seriously engage in the preparations to the upcoming Fusion war. A war for control over the Lord nest. Because who will control the nest will control possibility of exchanging the Cold Fusion.

The Russia will certainly be desperate to block it from happening, as their economy seriously depends on the income from the export of oil and gas. The announcement they has made is illusionary one, as it is talking only about the proven reserves of the oil.

The key to understand how grave is the situation of Poland is to understand that we are talking about reserves that are proved. The ecologists are warning that the world reserves will end in the 2034 but this is a lie. They had a hope that they will trade the Cold Fusion in the year 2033. Trade it for the baubles and sparkles.

The ecologists and Russian propaganda are talking only about proven reserves, they are silent about unproved ones that are hundred times bigger. Officially only between 2013 and 2015 the Russian reserves has increased by the 100 billions balers and the largest know oil field – under the Arctic shelve - is in practice untouched.

Will then Russia resign from the key income in their budget? Only naive can count on this. If the Lord peace drive would be unsuccessful the Poland will face an invasion of Russia in next decade. This thing is certain.   

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