Monday, May 30, 2016

Behind his backs

"If I will need to choose between Poland communist and no Poland
I will choose communists as the lesser evil"
Stanislaw Mikolajczyk

Lord's Uncle once has prophesied that in 10 years there will be no Poland. Lord nowadays see it can be a fact in just a year. The Russian stance on peace negotiations are really worrying him.

Putin seems to not understand that after Lord told a truth about his firstborn son the ball is now on the Russian field. By giving up the negotiations he is turning into war option. The balance is shaken.

From the other hand, NATO beside some theatrical gestures and the empty words is not really engaging into the region and nobody at West seems to think about defending Poland. Defending the Cold Fusion.

Well, to be honest Lord personally does not think that he has lost anything. Paradoxically, if Poland will lose an independence his position, as Mikolajczyk, can be, at least on beginning of occupation, stronger.

What he has had in the Independent Poland for which generations of his family was fighting through the ages? What he has gained on the independence for which his father sacrificed his life.

The answer is shocking. Only poverty and oppression. Nobody in this new Poland was thinking about him. Nobody has compensated his material lose. Nobody has though to change his position. To move from the bottom of society he has achieved during Soviet reign into the top.

This is important factor, not only to understand why Lord has 'betrayed' the West but also when it comes to the future. We are standing in the situation in which Poland once again could be occupied by the Russians. 

What a prospect will have then an ideological fight for an independence. What the III Commonwealth has showed? The Smolensk monuments...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Russia divided

In Russian leadership there is a visible division on the issue of the Cold Fusion. The unity between Medvedev and Putin is threaten.

It seems that Russian PM would like to be good Tsar for not only Russia but whole world. He cannot agree with the geopolitical conditioning of Russia that is as dependable from oil and gas exports as the rest of the world is dependable from their imports.

He would be bright man that would like to help to introduce the Cold Fusion for the mankind or at least not disturb this process. This is however in direct opposition to the economical interest of Russian Federation and it is something that Medvedev cannot agree with.

From the other hand Putin seems to be standing on two foots on the Russian ground and understands well how important and harmful the Cold Fusion will be for Russian economy. He has recently inaugurated “Gates to Arctic” project with their 24/7 oil terminal in the Arctic.

This is visible and strong signal that he is not going to give up the huge revenues from oil and gas and will be supporting further Russian expansions in Arctic where are located huge oil fields.

The problem is that in 2033 the Lord or his son could exchange the Cold Fusion with the West. It is something that Russia would like to block. The only option they would have is an invasion on Poland to take over control of the Lord's nest.

It is a vision that both Russian leaders want to forget but at same time the most realistic scenario. 

This means that if the Russians would not open their eyes and minds and will not start the negotiations with the Lord and his lost son on this issue soon Poland and whole Europe will stand in the face of their invasion. Whatever Putin and Medvedev want or not the national interest will always prevail.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Into abyss

“For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.”
2 Corinthians 5:10

Friday night was hot as never before. The Lord comment on camp Europa has made a true storm in ranks of his allies. Thankfully Donald Trump has shouted soberly “I will not let you down!”.

The one of things Lord opponents does not understand is that the Inferno is with him from beginning of time. In modern Christianity it has been called the Tribunal of Christ where the Lord is the highest judge.

However, the Nazi has twisted it to unimaginable dimensions. The case of Mr. Srebnik from Sobibor concentration camp is best illustration.

The Inferno in modern times is run by the Malta Order – an Order that has changed into Teutonic one. The Order that believes that at the end of the judgment the Lord shall be crucified for all deaths he has 'caused'.

They does not care of him, treating like animal and waiting for his suicide or some random attack, if not a perfect occasion from Russia.

This makes a bad fame to all those that are participating in it. They are people from all over the world, not only Nazi. Beside paying they duties to the Lord and their faith they use the Inferno to learn military skills – that otherwise could be learn only on the battlefield.

Camp Europe

The NATO summit in Brussels has bring unexpected fruit. US and EU has announced that they will not invest in Iran despite of nuclear deal. They was saying Iran but thought about Lord and his business imitative.

They has however said that there will be in another ways to support Iran. What they had on mind? The Inferno. Murdering of sinners or giving them God's Justice if You prefer. But in what they are different from the Nazi that organized similar games against ordinary Jews?

In what this is different from Sobibor camp where Mr. Srebnik was forced to sign sailing on his boat when one group was trying to kill him. The other group of Nazi was 'defending' him. Defending to later try to execute.

The stance of the West did not change anything. In past they has allowed for Lord to be homeless on the street of Brussels when they was carting Smolensk passengers. Later they has throw him into prison for almost 4 years.

Nowadays, Lord as prisoner spend all time in his house. Begin too afraid of random attack to go anywhere outside. This is the Europe. This is the free and independent Poland for which his father gave a life. And they wonder now why he is not going to give them Cold Fusion?

Yes, they have Lord son but what he will do on the Judgment Day when he will see the world through the eyes of his true father? What a judgment he will give observing his future...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

How noble...

Kremlin has replied to the Lord advice in truly imperial manner by informing that is going to rent billions of dollars to build atomic power plant in Egypt. They has added that Lord peace plan have little or non sense.

This is very noble stance but unfortunately only further exposes Putin and Medvedev to Bolshevik threat. For Kaczynski and Matla in general this assurance that Russia is no longer interested in revenues from oil and gas export will be not satisfactory and they will proceed with the replacements to 'defend Poland'.

This unconcern and detachments from reality will bring a doom to otherwise liked and respected Russian leadership. They inner enemies will use this against them and will mount not only coup d'etat but with help of replacements will proceed with invasion on Poland.

Lord though that Putin is standing on the ground by both foots and will decide to open the negotiations. We must be realistic if we want to avoid the war between Russia and the West not dreaming of the oil free world while taking most of budget from it.

There is only a hope that NATO will not be so unconcerned and will decide to strengthen Eastern flank. Lord did everything in his power to avoid the war but as usual nobody has heard his voice. We have probably only a months. Later it will be too late for talks. The only option for everlasting peace is lost by imperial pride if not just childishness.

Vladimir advice

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Vladimir Putin can make mistake of his life if will not reply on the Lord call to open a serious negotiations regarding the Cold Fusion technology. This way he will give Kaczynski fascist very heavy argument into their hands.

It is a smile of history, as Lord ancestor Augustyn Gorzeński was once negotiating with Tsar a capitulation agreement of Kosciuszko forces.

Through years NATO and Polish politicians has made the Lord and his brothers in Russia come very close and his relations with Russian Federation are maybe highest in the history. 

We are yet not negotiating capitulation but if things will go in Kaczynski way soon the Lord once again will be set by the story in the same role, as once Augustyn, his forefather negotiating capitulation of the Polish Army. This time, at least, it will go in civilized way and we will avoid repeat of Katyn.

But the hope is not yet lost. For first NATO has started to realize how grave situation of Poland is and are discussing strengthening their presence on the Easter flank. For second, we still have a chance for diplomatic resolve of the Cold Fusion issue.

The Putin can however make his biggest mistake if will not pickup Lord's call for dialog. The line of fascist in PiS party is that they are under threat of Russia and to counter it they want to install there a Maltese clones.

This is very naive stance, as in reality they would strengthen only Red fraction in Putin government. The clones will not have any real positions and will tell whatever their true masters want to hear. In effect hard-liners for which the war is only solution will be fortified behind strong facade and all hope for long lasting peace with Russians will be lost.

What Kaczynski fascist would create will be same creature – Bolshevik Russia – that once has invaded our country. They will create situation in which Bolsheviks would soon clean up Whites and would be prepared to take over the Lord nest.

Not only for that reasons Vladimir and Dimitri must take up the Lord call and open the negotiations of the peace deal. We must show the world that alternative to war is possible and that Kaczynski is very wrong. And we have for this just few months...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Smoke signals

The ex-General from NATO has told on Wednesday that he is expecting nuclear war between Russia and US in just one year. At same time the Kremlin suggested unofficially that doesn't see the Lord as a key partner for any talks.

They Lord is maybe not main player, as his son also have a right to decide on the future but without the Lord there is nobody on this planet that could convince the Messiah to not give the Cold Fusion to the mankind.

It is lack of imagination of Russians that they does not understand that only father can convince the son to not give the Cold Fusion. Only father can also guarantee that such a deal will be long lasting and trustworthy. By rejecting the talks they are giving up the only possibility to avoid a war.

The recent moves of China that is buying gold bullion in London and George Soros that is selling his stock market shares and exchanging it for the gold are also sharp signal that the Russians are going to a war.

When we can expect it then? It is obviously that the Russians will not wait for year 2033 to take up the Lord nest and block any possibility of exchanging the Fusion. They will also not wait for NATO to prepare for defense, so one-two years time-frame is possible.

The Russian Generals knows very well that it is better to defend from NATO attack that to attack them when they will be fortified on the Polish territory. Thus they will be pushing for a war in next months, in best case in years.

Will NATO seriously treat this situation and will prepare for defense of Poland or rather would decide to wait and eventually later liberate it from Russians is an open question that they will need to ask themselves during the NATO summit in Warsaw.

Whatever Russians are saying about diversification of their budget income it is a propaganda to calm the West. They was relying since decades on the income from gas and oil export and would do everything to keep the status quo.

While the hope for peace is not yet lost, as Putin did not yet taken a voice and what Sergei is doing can be just theatrical play, we must prepare for a war with Russia. Maybe just in the coming year. Situation is really serious and dangerous. Will they give a chance to diplomacy and will open serious and direct negotiations is still an open question...

Road to distraction

Holy Virgin who shelters our bright Częstochowa
And shines in Ostra Brama! You, who yet watch over
The castled Nowogródek’s folk faithful and mild;
... to motherland’s breast You will bring us again.
Adam Mickiewicz
"Pan Tadeusz"

Polish Duce - Kaczynski – was always a lone wolf but recently he is begin truly encircled by the opposition. Also in his ranks.

Only 9% of Poles would like the PiS leader to become Prime Minister of Poland. Will his dream of power become only a dream? Time will show.

His fascist policies build on cult of revenge for his fallen brother seems to meets his limits in a country that has experiences evil of Nazism on itself. This road he walks with his party is a road to nowhere. Road to fascist Poland.

He shall rethink his position on Smolensk and acknowledge that his brother was not a hero that deserves monuments but has been mislead by some to true explosion of his hidden antisemitism.

He must understand that through fighting with Pilsudski, fighting with Mickiewicz, fighting with Witkacy he is fighting with everything he claims to represent. With everything that is Polish.

He shall instead make a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Jasna Góra and pay his respect to Our Lady. Praying for her providence and peace and prosperity for Poland.

However he will not go to there. He will go much further that to this monastery. The Lord do not think Kaczynski is going to get rid of antisemitism that is eating his mind, heart and soul leading him to the borders of true fascist madness.

His soul, like a soul of President Duda, has been already corrupted by the Malta Order crimes on Polish nation and they both are not able to blur out from their fetters. They will in just half of the year show their true faces – of willingness puppets of the Order. Their Holy Cavaliers.

Those who have ears will hear then a story of Kaczynski and Duda acting arm to arm in Maltese drive to replace some of vulnerable world leaders that he calls 'victims of huge misunderstanding'. Kaczynski and Duda, not the Lord, will thus betray Poland and Poles and will condemn us to the war with Russia. Red Russia made by Polish hands. For our distraction.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Opening negotiations

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. Ronald Reagan

While Kremlin seems to be ignoring the Cold Fusion issue the Lord is still open to hold a negotiations for the peace deal. He still prefers such a deal that exchange with the West while situation can change if Russia will turn back to the Bolshevism.

The Lord has issued an open letter to Russian Ministry of Energy and still is waiting for a reply. The case is complicated and it requires opening a serious and direct negotiation at least on the Ministerial level.

To be successful a trust between all parties must be established and anti-war campaign undertaken on both sides. The arms race however would continue, as we can come to the dead end in our negotiations.

The social campaign must be focused on the avoiding the Fusion war – that could easily change into global one with possible use of nuclear weapons. The main theme of this campaign shall be a meeting between the Lord and his first born son – the Messiah.

The Polish side must understand that the Cold Fusion does not assure that their Western allies would not leave them alone when we will be facing the Russian invasion and they shall be open to holding such a negotiations, as the only diplomatic way to avoid the war between both sides.

The Lord has already made his gesture of good will informing Russians about his lost son. Now it is time for Russians to pick up it and open the negotiations. They shall lose no time, as reaching the deal will take years...

Family business

Thousands of prisoners, thousands of brothers 
For honor and truth is paying by their lives 
"Katyń's soul"
What Smolensk is to Kaczynski fascist that Hugo Chavez is for Iranians. Both burning for revenge to the Lord are marching in the tune of old Nazi anthem – Horst Wesel Lied. The difference is only in colors of their banners.

On Monday Iranian Parliament has enacted a symbolic act of solidarity with followers of fallen Hezbollah leader. Today his nephew has replaced his uncle as Hezbollah military chief. This family vendetta that their idol and friend Hugo Chavez has started will be continued.

This does not make a life for both Putin and Medvedev easier. They are more and more exposed to the revenge of Islamists for their 'betrayal'. The Russia can soon return to the old Soviet shape. Politically and also on the map.

In paradox, this is one of reasons behind Lord decision to reveal the truth on his firstborn son. Changing situation he wanted to force NATO to defend his country and the people. Otherwise we would be left exploited to the Russian revenge and what again like in 40'ths of past century would be huge and terrible.

Same cult of hatred. Same fascist ideology of revenge but in the red color was behind Stalin decision to exterminate flower of the nation: proud officers of the Polish Army in places like Katyń, Charków, Kozielsk or Ostaszków.

Lord did everything in his power to change the course of the story to protect his country and the nation and decided to reveal the biggest secret of the West to the Russians. Now, the NATO cannot leave us alone in the face of reborn Bolshevism.

We need to fight united and the prize could be a Fusion that will once, forever break our dependence from oil and gas producing countries. The peace deal that Lord is offering to them can be revoked if Russia will turn to the Bolshevism. Since death of Khomeini Iran was always a Bolshevik country...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pilsudski White

Polish Minister of Defense can believe that the Lord is biggest pest in Poland but it will be history that will judge him. The decision he has made revealing truth on his firstborn is as controversial as Pilsudski stance on the White Tsarists.

For years Pilsudski was blamed of betraying Tsarists Generals in favor of Leninist Russia. Some of Poles and Whites was accusing him of this when he has stopped Polish Army offensive on the Eastern front in 1919. 

They has blamed him also when he did not followed Bolshevik retreat and instead has made a peace with them after victorious battle of Warsaw.

It is true that maybe history would go different way if Pilsudski would join White army and together would make invasion on Moscow but their joined forces would have 1 000 000 soldiers while Bolsheviks counted almost 4 000 000.

Same controversy marks Lord another strategic decision on reveling truth on his firstborn son to the Russians. Macierewicz believes that the Lord has then condemned Poland to war with Russia for the Lord's nest but he is not thinking about what would happened with the country if the Western plan would be successful and the West would be granted the Fusion by the Lord's son.

We would be treated like a waste, left alone waiting for Russian revenge. The war was imminent and by releasing the truth the Lord has changed situation of Poland dramatically. Now, the West if want to have the Cold Fusion must defend the Lord's nest and thus Poland.

This is a biggest favor the Lord could do to his country and the history will show that he was right in that.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

End of Oil Era?

While US release rather pessimistic report on the oil the Lord is warning Iranians of consequence of planed coup d'etat.

The Americans seems to be not optimistic when it comes to oil future. They made their report on prediction for oil market for next 23 years until year 2040. However earlier, in 2033 mankind could be given the Cold Fusion technology that would revolutionize energy market.

Could if the Lord would be willing to share this ground breaking technology. While the West and Poles did nothing to make his Manifesto closer to reality, he is staying at stance that they would not be granted the Cold Fusion. The West is not deserving it.

Instead of this the Lord has turned in direction of Russia and OPEC cartel extending his hand with the offer of peace deal. If it will be picked up by Russians and other sides the world will avoid another bloody war for the Lord nest, as who will control it will control the Cold Fusion.

However, he see only his brother-in-blood, Dimitri Medvedev as the only one whit who he would like to hold a negotiations. If the Bolsheviks will slain and replace him in course of planed coup d'etat both Iran and Russia will lose the chances for peaceful deal for postponing exchange of the Cold Fusion.

At same time, the Lord is warning special forces operating in the Radziwillow Palace behind consequences of supporting this coup d'etat. If Russians will lose the chance for peace deal, the only option will be a Fusion War. War for the Lord nest...