Monday, May 2, 2016

Asian repatriations

On Sunday Marshall of Parliament on occasion of announcement regarding Polish repatriations from Asian part of Soviet Union suggested that the Lord could meet his son in next decade. It was very false gesture of friendship.

That proposal is maybe a reasons behind US Secretary of State John Kerry advise to Syrians that they should listen to Russia. This plot has been however rejected by the Lord.

It is just another example of how Barack Obama administration and their vassals in Poland are treating the Lord and the Polish Question.

The point is that they was not speaking of the Lord first-born son but second or even third. The one that he had with Asia.

This was yet another plot to cheat the Russians. Americans still cannot understand that the Lord after their treatment is not willing to exchange the Fusion for anything they have. This will not change.

The Poles, at same time, does not understand that there would be retaliatory war with Russia after such an exchange and the Poland would be left alone like a prey. We would be exploited by the West then invaded by Russia.

In the Lord play in open cards we are at better situation because the West, if want to have Fusion, will need to defend us from before aggression of Russia. That is important difference that ruling PiS does not understand.

Poland need sovereign foreign policy not American dictatorship. Our national interest is different from those of Americans. We but Americans too need the War & Peace policy in which the war option is balanced by the Lord peace drive.

However such policy seems to be out of sight of the PiS leader Jaroslwa Kaczynski and instead of building the trust with Russians he would like to cheat them. What the Lord strongly opposes.

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