Monday, May 30, 2016

Behind his backs

"If I will need to choose between Poland communist and no Poland
I will choose communists as the lesser evil"
Stanislaw Mikolajczyk

Lord's Uncle once has prophesied that in 10 years there will be no Poland. Lord nowadays see it can be a fact in just a year. The Russian stance on peace negotiations are really worrying him.

Putin seems to not understand that after Lord told a truth about his firstborn son the ball is now on the Russian field. By giving up the negotiations he is turning into war option. The balance is shaken.

From the other hand, NATO beside some theatrical gestures and the empty words is not really engaging into the region and nobody at West seems to think about defending Poland. Defending the Cold Fusion.

Well, to be honest Lord personally does not think that he has lost anything. Paradoxically, if Poland will lose an independence his position, as Mikolajczyk, can be, at least on beginning of occupation, stronger.

What he has had in the Independent Poland for which generations of his family was fighting through the ages? What he has gained on the independence for which his father sacrificed his life.

The answer is shocking. Only poverty and oppression. Nobody in this new Poland was thinking about him. Nobody has compensated his material lose. Nobody has though to change his position. To move from the bottom of society he has achieved during Soviet reign into the top.

This is important factor, not only to understand why Lord has 'betrayed' the West but also when it comes to the future. We are standing in the situation in which Poland once again could be occupied by the Russians. 

What a prospect will have then an ideological fight for an independence. What the III Commonwealth has showed? The Smolensk monuments...

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