Friday, May 20, 2016

Camp Europe

The NATO summit in Brussels has bring unexpected fruit. US and EU has announced that they will not invest in Iran despite of nuclear deal. They was saying Iran but thought about Lord and his business imitative.

They has however said that there will be in another ways to support Iran. What they had on mind? The Inferno. Murdering of sinners or giving them God's Justice if You prefer. But in what they are different from the Nazi that organized similar games against ordinary Jews?

In what this is different from Sobibor camp where Mr. Srebnik was forced to sign sailing on his boat when one group was trying to kill him. The other group of Nazi was 'defending' him. Defending to later try to execute.

The stance of the West did not change anything. In past they has allowed for Lord to be homeless on the street of Brussels when they was carting Smolensk passengers. Later they has throw him into prison for almost 4 years.

Nowadays, Lord as prisoner spend all time in his house. Begin too afraid of random attack to go anywhere outside. This is the Europe. This is the free and independent Poland for which his father gave a life. And they wonder now why he is not going to give them Cold Fusion?

Yes, they have Lord son but what he will do on the Judgment Day when he will see the world through the eyes of his true father? What a judgment he will give observing his future...

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