Sunday, May 15, 2016

End of Oil Era?

While US release rather pessimistic report on the oil the Lord is warning Iranians of consequence of planed coup d'etat.

The Americans seems to be not optimistic when it comes to oil future. They made their report on prediction for oil market for next 23 years until year 2040. However earlier, in 2033 mankind could be given the Cold Fusion technology that would revolutionize energy market.

Could if the Lord would be willing to share this ground breaking technology. While the West and Poles did nothing to make his Manifesto closer to reality, he is staying at stance that they would not be granted the Cold Fusion. The West is not deserving it.

Instead of this the Lord has turned in direction of Russia and OPEC cartel extending his hand with the offer of peace deal. If it will be picked up by Russians and other sides the world will avoid another bloody war for the Lord nest, as who will control it will control the Cold Fusion.

However, he see only his brother-in-blood, Dimitri Medvedev as the only one whit who he would like to hold a negotiations. If the Bolsheviks will slain and replace him in course of planed coup d'etat both Iran and Russia will lose the chances for peaceful deal for postponing exchange of the Cold Fusion.

At same time, the Lord is warning special forces operating in the Radziwillow Palace behind consequences of supporting this coup d'etat. If Russians will lose the chance for peace deal, the only option will be a Fusion War. War for the Lord nest...

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