Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Family business

Thousands of prisoners, thousands of brothers 
For honor and truth is paying by their lives 
"Katyń's soul"
What Smolensk is to Kaczynski fascist that Hugo Chavez is for Iranians. Both burning for revenge to the Lord are marching in the tune of old Nazi anthem – Horst Wesel Lied. The difference is only in colors of their banners.

On Monday Iranian Parliament has enacted a symbolic act of solidarity with followers of fallen Hezbollah leader. Today his nephew has replaced his uncle as Hezbollah military chief. This family vendetta that their idol and friend Hugo Chavez has started will be continued.

This does not make a life for both Putin and Medvedev easier. They are more and more exposed to the revenge of Islamists for their 'betrayal'. The Russia can soon return to the old Soviet shape. Politically and also on the map.

In paradox, this is one of reasons behind Lord decision to reveal the truth on his firstborn son. Changing situation he wanted to force NATO to defend his country and the people. Otherwise we would be left exploited to the Russian revenge and what again like in 40'ths of past century would be huge and terrible.

Same cult of hatred. Same fascist ideology of revenge but in the red color was behind Stalin decision to exterminate flower of the nation: proud officers of the Polish Army in places like Katyń, Charków, Kozielsk or Ostaszków.

Lord did everything in his power to change the course of the story to protect his country and the nation and decided to reveal the biggest secret of the West to the Russians. Now, the NATO cannot leave us alone in the face of reborn Bolshevism.

We need to fight united and the prize could be a Fusion that will once, forever break our dependence from oil and gas producing countries. The peace deal that Lord is offering to them can be revoked if Russia will turn to the Bolshevism. Since death of Khomeini Iran was always a Bolshevik country...

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