Thursday, May 19, 2016

How noble...

Kremlin has replied to the Lord advice in truly imperial manner by informing that is going to rent billions of dollars to build atomic power plant in Egypt. They has added that Lord peace plan have little or non sense.

This is very noble stance but unfortunately only further exposes Putin and Medvedev to Bolshevik threat. For Kaczynski and Matla in general this assurance that Russia is no longer interested in revenues from oil and gas export will be not satisfactory and they will proceed with the replacements to 'defend Poland'.

This unconcern and detachments from reality will bring a doom to otherwise liked and respected Russian leadership. They inner enemies will use this against them and will mount not only coup d'etat but with help of replacements will proceed with invasion on Poland.

Lord though that Putin is standing on the ground by both foots and will decide to open the negotiations. We must be realistic if we want to avoid the war between Russia and the West not dreaming of the oil free world while taking most of budget from it.

There is only a hope that NATO will not be so unconcerned and will decide to strengthen Eastern flank. Lord did everything in his power to avoid the war but as usual nobody has heard his voice. We have probably only a months. Later it will be too late for talks. The only option for everlasting peace is lost by imperial pride if not just childishness.

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