Saturday, May 14, 2016

Not only Red Fascism

Lord, save Russia and bring her peace.– Nicholas II of Russia

When Stanisław Mikołajczyk was writing his anti-communism Bible – The Rape of Poland we had faced a worst kind of communism – the Stalinism. 

Today with leader like Xi Jinping we are observing a Chruschev like communism with the human face but that evil instance seems to be reborn in heads of some. Mainly in the Middle-East what is underlined by Horst Wessel Lied like funeral of Lebanese fallen hereo.

“Communism as the system that aims at world domination, is describing itself as 'people democracy'. In reality it is the Red Fascism. Hidden behind slogans of freedom and liberty is using rape and terror. It is announcing equality of all people not recognizing fundamental human rights.” - written Mikołajczyk.

At this turning point in the history when we used to know Chinese moderated communism, we are observing at same time true rebirth of Bolshevism. While both Russia and China is lead by moderate minds, soon they can be replaced by their Maltese clones and we will be surrounded by true darkness that will have same face but different ideology.

With Kaczynski fascist in Warsaw and Bolsheviks at the East it will need inhuman efforts to resist what can become unavoidable. Kaczynski and his pawns in the Palace can not back from anything in destroying his eternal enemies – this little group of true Jews that gathered around the Lord.

While Putin is calling for a purge from red fascists in his ranks, soon he and his loyal people can become a target of even bigger purge. The world affairs that we knows today can be lost for another decade or two.

The Lord is not sure if he will survive this situation, as he, after the Holocaust, does not have at his side ether Jews or true Polish patriots. 

He is facing same Smolensk threats that is facing since been born but their infernal twin leader – Kaczynski is in the power right now and this few inside his rank that are isolating him from the Lord soon can be removed in effect of internal coup d'etat.

Szydlo government can be sacrificed and the Kaczysnki can become Prime Minister of Poland. It will stifle the resistance and the Lord will be exposed for his revenge. Such situation did not had a place in the history before.Without his Jews the Lord seems to be dead from long time ago. Those that are declaring begin a Jews are too small in number or too unconnected to be a real force that could defend him...

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