Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Opening negotiations

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. Ronald Reagan

While Kremlin seems to be ignoring the Cold Fusion issue the Lord is still open to hold a negotiations for the peace deal. He still prefers such a deal that exchange with the West while situation can change if Russia will turn back to the Bolshevism.

The Lord has issued an open letter to Russian Ministry of Energy and still is waiting for a reply. The case is complicated and it requires opening a serious and direct negotiation at least on the Ministerial level.

To be successful a trust between all parties must be established and anti-war campaign undertaken on both sides. The arms race however would continue, as we can come to the dead end in our negotiations.

The social campaign must be focused on the avoiding the Fusion war – that could easily change into global one with possible use of nuclear weapons. The main theme of this campaign shall be a meeting between the Lord and his first born son – the Messiah.

The Polish side must understand that the Cold Fusion does not assure that their Western allies would not leave them alone when we will be facing the Russian invasion and they shall be open to holding such a negotiations, as the only diplomatic way to avoid the war between both sides.

The Lord has already made his gesture of good will informing Russians about his lost son. Now it is time for Russians to pick up it and open the negotiations. They shall lose no time, as reaching the deal will take years...

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