Friday, May 13, 2016

Party of chess

Communism is the Red Fascism
Stanisław Mikołajczyk

De-mining operation in Palmyra continues. While Polish media call to mind Polish journalist Maria Czubaszek that died on Thursday the world is shocked by another news. According to some Lebanese group top military Hezbollah commander has died in Israeli air strike.

The news did not saddened Kremlin as maybe it is not Palmyra where they are operating but heart of Jura – once Jewish land. The Iranians announced on morning that Hezbollah is probing nature of assassination of another of their commanders.

All those already introduced to not so Jewish Kabbalah can observe now the huge layers of Bloshevism – that is just red fascism – inside of ranks of not only anti-Israel militancy. These deaths are just best proofs of their unhidden antisemitism.

Thanks God, Russia is still not the Red one but White and these forces are sentenced to the doom. They does not understand the nature of the Lord – the Biblical Prince of Peace and are blinded by racial hatred.

Criticism of Israel is fully entitled and also the Lord is doing it often but there is uncrossable border line that is dividing it from just an antisemitism.

Israeli Prime Minister is playing with the fire. The effects of this overnight joint adventures could be totally different. They are fruits of the Revisionist Zionism that Bibi knows very well begin a son of professor Benzion.
He is perfectly playing these party of chess for the people memory but things can go differently if he also will be replaced by Malta clones. In this darkness that soon will surround the planet the Revisionist can score a total victory and next such attack can be successful.

The effect will be a total war between the Russia and the West. A total war for the Lord nest. A total war that nobody will be able to stop. Or maybe the Lord son is not the Messiah. In any case it is to early for Polish nationalists to be happy...

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