Monday, May 16, 2016

Pilsudski White

Polish Minister of Defense can believe that the Lord is biggest pest in Poland but it will be history that will judge him. The decision he has made revealing truth on his firstborn is as controversial as Pilsudski stance on the White Tsarists.

For years Pilsudski was blamed of betraying Tsarists Generals in favor of Leninist Russia. Some of Poles and Whites was accusing him of this when he has stopped Polish Army offensive on the Eastern front in 1919. 

They has blamed him also when he did not followed Bolshevik retreat and instead has made a peace with them after victorious battle of Warsaw.

It is true that maybe history would go different way if Pilsudski would join White army and together would make invasion on Moscow but their joined forces would have 1 000 000 soldiers while Bolsheviks counted almost 4 000 000.

Same controversy marks Lord another strategic decision on reveling truth on his firstborn son to the Russians. Macierewicz believes that the Lord has then condemned Poland to war with Russia for the Lord's nest but he is not thinking about what would happened with the country if the Western plan would be successful and the West would be granted the Fusion by the Lord's son.

We would be treated like a waste, left alone waiting for Russian revenge. The war was imminent and by releasing the truth the Lord has changed situation of Poland dramatically. Now, the West if want to have the Cold Fusion must defend the Lord's nest and thus Poland.

This is a biggest favor the Lord could do to his country and the history will show that he was right in that.

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