Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Road to distraction

Holy Virgin who shelters our bright Częstochowa
And shines in Ostra Brama! You, who yet watch over
The castled Nowogródek’s folk faithful and mild;
... to motherland’s breast You will bring us again.
Adam Mickiewicz
"Pan Tadeusz"

Polish Duce - Kaczynski – was always a lone wolf but recently he is begin truly encircled by the opposition. Also in his ranks.

Only 9% of Poles would like the PiS leader to become Prime Minister of Poland. Will his dream of power become only a dream? Time will show.

His fascist policies build on cult of revenge for his fallen brother seems to meets his limits in a country that has experiences evil of Nazism on itself. This road he walks with his party is a road to nowhere. Road to fascist Poland.

He shall rethink his position on Smolensk and acknowledge that his brother was not a hero that deserves monuments but has been mislead by some to true explosion of his hidden antisemitism.

He must understand that through fighting with Pilsudski, fighting with Mickiewicz, fighting with Witkacy he is fighting with everything he claims to represent. With everything that is Polish.

He shall instead make a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Jasna Góra and pay his respect to Our Lady. Praying for her providence and peace and prosperity for Poland.

However he will not go to there. He will go much further that to this monastery. The Lord do not think Kaczynski is going to get rid of antisemitism that is eating his mind, heart and soul leading him to the borders of true fascist madness.

His soul, like a soul of President Duda, has been already corrupted by the Malta Order crimes on Polish nation and they both are not able to blur out from their fetters. They will in just half of the year show their true faces – of willingness puppets of the Order. Their Holy Cavaliers.

Those who have ears will hear then a story of Kaczynski and Duda acting arm to arm in Maltese drive to replace some of vulnerable world leaders that he calls 'victims of huge misunderstanding'. Kaczynski and Duda, not the Lord, will thus betray Poland and Poles and will condemn us to the war with Russia. Red Russia made by Polish hands. For our distraction.

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