Thursday, May 26, 2016

Russia divided

In Russian leadership there is a visible division on the issue of the Cold Fusion. The unity between Medvedev and Putin is threaten.

It seems that Russian PM would like to be good Tsar for not only Russia but whole world. He cannot agree with the geopolitical conditioning of Russia that is as dependable from oil and gas exports as the rest of the world is dependable from their imports.

He would be bright man that would like to help to introduce the Cold Fusion for the mankind or at least not disturb this process. This is however in direct opposition to the economical interest of Russian Federation and it is something that Medvedev cannot agree with.

From the other hand Putin seems to be standing on two foots on the Russian ground and understands well how important and harmful the Cold Fusion will be for Russian economy. He has recently inaugurated “Gates to Arctic” project with their 24/7 oil terminal in the Arctic.

This is visible and strong signal that he is not going to give up the huge revenues from oil and gas and will be supporting further Russian expansions in Arctic where are located huge oil fields.

The problem is that in 2033 the Lord or his son could exchange the Cold Fusion with the West. It is something that Russia would like to block. The only option they would have is an invasion on Poland to take over control of the Lord's nest.

It is a vision that both Russian leaders want to forget but at same time the most realistic scenario. 

This means that if the Russians would not open their eyes and minds and will not start the negotiations with the Lord and his lost son on this issue soon Poland and whole Europe will stand in the face of their invasion. Whatever Putin and Medvedev want or not the national interest will always prevail.

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