Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Smoke signals

The ex-General from NATO has told on Wednesday that he is expecting nuclear war between Russia and US in just one year. At same time the Kremlin suggested unofficially that doesn't see the Lord as a key partner for any talks.

They Lord is maybe not main player, as his son also have a right to decide on the future but without the Lord there is nobody on this planet that could convince the Messiah to not give the Cold Fusion to the mankind.

It is lack of imagination of Russians that they does not understand that only father can convince the son to not give the Cold Fusion. Only father can also guarantee that such a deal will be long lasting and trustworthy. By rejecting the talks they are giving up the only possibility to avoid a war.

The recent moves of China that is buying gold bullion in London and George Soros that is selling his stock market shares and exchanging it for the gold are also sharp signal that the Russians are going to a war.

When we can expect it then? It is obviously that the Russians will not wait for year 2033 to take up the Lord nest and block any possibility of exchanging the Fusion. They will also not wait for NATO to prepare for defense, so one-two years time-frame is possible.

The Russian Generals knows very well that it is better to defend from NATO attack that to attack them when they will be fortified on the Polish territory. Thus they will be pushing for a war in next months, in best case in years.

Will NATO seriously treat this situation and will prepare for defense of Poland or rather would decide to wait and eventually later liberate it from Russians is an open question that they will need to ask themselves during the NATO summit in Warsaw.

Whatever Russians are saying about diversification of their budget income it is a propaganda to calm the West. They was relying since decades on the income from gas and oil export and would do everything to keep the status quo.

While the hope for peace is not yet lost, as Putin did not yet taken a voice and what Sergei is doing can be just theatrical play, we must prepare for a war with Russia. Maybe just in the coming year. Situation is really serious and dangerous. Will they give a chance to diplomacy and will open serious and direct negotiations is still an open question...

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