Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vladimir advice

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Vladimir Putin can make mistake of his life if will not reply on the Lord call to open a serious negotiations regarding the Cold Fusion technology. This way he will give Kaczynski fascist very heavy argument into their hands.

It is a smile of history, as Lord ancestor Augustyn Gorzeński was once negotiating with Tsar a capitulation agreement of Kosciuszko forces.

Through years NATO and Polish politicians has made the Lord and his brothers in Russia come very close and his relations with Russian Federation are maybe highest in the history. 

We are yet not negotiating capitulation but if things will go in Kaczynski way soon the Lord once again will be set by the story in the same role, as once Augustyn, his forefather negotiating capitulation of the Polish Army. This time, at least, it will go in civilized way and we will avoid repeat of Katyn.

But the hope is not yet lost. For first NATO has started to realize how grave situation of Poland is and are discussing strengthening their presence on the Easter flank. For second, we still have a chance for diplomatic resolve of the Cold Fusion issue.

The Putin can however make his biggest mistake if will not pickup Lord's call for dialog. The line of fascist in PiS party is that they are under threat of Russia and to counter it they want to install there a Maltese clones.

This is very naive stance, as in reality they would strengthen only Red fraction in Putin government. The clones will not have any real positions and will tell whatever their true masters want to hear. In effect hard-liners for which the war is only solution will be fortified behind strong facade and all hope for long lasting peace with Russians will be lost.

What Kaczynski fascist would create will be same creature – Bolshevik Russia – that once has invaded our country. They will create situation in which Bolsheviks would soon clean up Whites and would be prepared to take over the Lord nest.

Not only for that reasons Vladimir and Dimitri must take up the Lord call and open the negotiations of the peace deal. We must show the world that alternative to war is possible and that Kaczynski is very wrong. And we have for this just few months...

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