Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Witkacy hotel

"It is even better to finish in beautiful craziness that in boring banality and stagnation"

Witkacy was not a rich guy. He had his Portrait Company but main source of income was little family hotel in Zakopane. Lord also have his hotel and same problem.

Not counting the period that after Raga deal he was smothering his wife with money he was rather poor man. He was painting the portraits and had even Portrait Company but this was imitative more for himself and group of closes friends that for a business.

His main source of income was little hotel in Zakopane but his bad fame or just antisemitism was a huge problem. He has reported to his wife in letter that the hotel was to half-empty.

Life for Witkacy was never easy. It was especially true after 1933 – the year of the comet - when he stooped be necessary for the people. They has turned away from him and left him alone. What is doubly sad is a fact that it was also true for the Polish Jews.

Nowadays, Lord doesn't have even such opportunity but is not giving up. He, after coming our of prison, started a commercial activity. The Jaaz Portal that is kind of Internet hotel for his guests that would like to have their own web pages.

But like for Witkacy, his Smolensk fame and just an antisemitism makes it to half-empty. He is desperate as does not have any other source of income. He has sit down with his firstborn son and is showing him what will be after passing of the comet. How he would be left alone to face Russian revenge. If he would ever give You Cold Fusion. If he would ever save You.

The life is not easy and the fear that people feels because of the Lord is not making it simpler. That is why the Lord ask You for help and support. If You are not afraid of getting closer to him and want to have your web site for free please reserve a place in the Lord hotel. It will take one minut and will make us both - the Lord and his son - think more positive on our future.

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