Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Czesia live!

“A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”
― Terry Pratchett, The Truth

On Wednesday Donald Tusk has called recent Kaczynski statement “most strange words that has appeared in the Polish politic”. What has leader of PiS party said? That “Tusk shall have consequences in the back of his head”.

For everyone that is following Smolensk mystery it is not hard to understand what Kaczynski wanted to communicate. Was not he thinking about Melanie that allegedly like Witkacy lover - Czesława Okińska - has been murdered by the hit of the bottle into back of her head?

What is really funny is the fact that also this mystery has been solved on the very same day that Kaczynski made this strange comment. The Lord, maybe by accident, has meet his ex-girlfriend in the bus when he was visiting his friends in Warsaw.

He was not so surprised, unlike Kaczynski, to see her alive. In this Witkacy theater he has already saw many wonders but the fact is, what Kaczynski cannot deny, that he did not murdered her, as Witkacy not murdered her “Świteź”.

She is alive and well. The Lord feels cleaned completely while Kaczynski has found himself in the very difficult situation, as he, like his twin brother, to the end was accusing the Lord for murdering his girl-friend. Now, we could see on own eyes, that what has driven Smolensk passengers was nothing but a rumor. Rumor and so Polish anti-semitism.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Friends forever

 “It's all God's will: you can die in your sleep, 
and God can spare you in battle.”
― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
While whole Poland was excited by the football match with Switzerland on the other side of globe Russian and Chinese presidents has meet in Beijing. The mood of this meeting was much better that this one he hold in Warsaw.

It is interesting that just on the occasion of anniversary of attack of Nazi Germany on Soviet Union on of leading Polish newspapers has made a question “Was it brutal aggression or prevention?”. In context of the Cold Fusion such questions can be seen little bit provocative.

Is this realistic? Is realistic to think that Poland can convince NATO to make a preventive strike on the Russian Federation? It seems to be as realistic, as to think that the West can convince China to turn against Russia. But shall we not try all the options?

The different opinion had the President and government in Warsaw when we was guesting Xi Jinping. They has been satisfied with apples and pork. Nobody was thinking about starting the dialogue with Chinese on forming the Fusion Alliance.

Polish authorities seems to be playing like a children in the fog not understanding that we do not have even decade to defend from before Russian aggression. The only trick that could save the country would be to forge an alliance with Chinese.

If we will count only on the NATO we will be probably left alone facing Russians. The 4 000 troops that NATO is allocating on the Eastern Flank is merely a symbolic gesture and will not make any difference when the Russian forces will start the invasion to safeguard the Lord nest.

But instead of making alliance with Xi Jinping we has heard him on Saturday talking that Russians and Chinese are 'friends forever'. On same day they has announced that they are cutting off all diplomatic contacts with Taiwan because of their stance on the independence.

The military alliance is then maybe not possible, it is only a dream but we still have a diplomatic option. All efforts to convince Russians for the Lord peace deal will be appreciated and Chinese can play a key role in this hard task. But does the Polish government understand in how grave situation Poland is?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Putin did not said

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"Better that a thousand hollow words
is one word that brings the peace."
No only Jimmy Carter is understanding how grave world situation is when it comes to the Cold Fusion. On Wednesday both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the wish to increase defense spending.

The arms race has started whatever we want it or no. We cannot avoid that but we cannot also forget that there is still a peaceful solutions. Russians, OPEC and the Lord with his firstborn Son can strike a deal postponing the exchange of Cold Fusion for another decades making energy shift more natural.

However, Russians did not picked up yet the Lord's letter and has ignored it completely while by the irony – Putin was speaking today in Duma that it is the West that is ignoring Russians calls for dialogue.

He has also said that it reminds him situation Russia had in time before the II World War and Nazi invasion on Soviet Union that we are remembering today. He has then forgotten that it was Russia that has together with the Nazi Germany started II World War by partitioning Poland.

These time such situation cannot have place and we can count that Germany at least will stay neutral, if will not decide together with Americans to defend the Lord's nest and thus this possible Fusion exchange. Of course, if Russians will decide to go on path of war.

Anyway, what Putin is forgetting to say is that they could be forced by their national interest to take over the Lord's nest and thus this the country. How then Russian media can complain on militarization of Poland and Baltic States if this conflict seems to be unavoidable.

This is the status quo that more and more American and European leaders seems to understand and instead of swearing the reality Russians shall focus their efforts on the peace initiative and hold direct talks with the Lord, as he is ready to postpone the exchange.

The arms race is there and it is good but we cannot forget about the diplomacy. Otherwise the world will quickly plunge into III World War. What, we hopes, all sides would like to avoid. Even if the price is postponing the introduction of the Cold Fusion to give more time to OPEC and Russia to switch from energy resources exports to alternative sources of incomes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


 "And as they still went on and talked, behold, chariots of fire and horses of fire separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven."
2 Kings 2:11

Kaczynski brown battalions – or “perky boys”, as Witkacy would call them, has quickly commented recent post in which Lord is once again warning Poles on the replacement of the world leaders.

It is not first time when Poles are taking leading role in this Maltese operation and not first time when it ends tragically for them. It was Augustyn Gorzenski that observed same situation that made our neighbors angry on them what has effected in the Partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People.

It was Wincenty Pilsudski that saw same during failed January Uprising. It was Witkacy and Mikolajczyk that observed II World War.

The dreams of some in Warsaw has never realized. After installing the clones they had never realized Empire but instead has made a many nations angry on them.
On this Tuesday Prosecutor Office run by Zbigniew Ziobro has announced that “exhumations of bodies of Smolensk victims are necessary”. 

For those that already knows the truth behind the events there is of course no need to make any exhumations. Most of “victims” died in, using biblical language, in a "chariots of fire" that was driving to the place when they wanted to score a total victory on the Lord.
Why then Minister Ziobro sends that signal? He just want to reply to the Lord with his usual Teutonic pride – yes, we are going to make this replacements. We will be great through the ages.

In the irony, other Malta run organization – the Islamic States just on the eve of official diner prepared for Xi in the Royal Castle in Warsaw has stated that “the Poles will be crawling and howling from pain”. Which “Poles” they had in mind? Not those chosen ones gathered around the Lord?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Heading to Putin

Men become accustomed to poison by degrees. Victor Hugo
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Men become accustomed to poison by degrees.
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Men become accustomed to poison by degrees.
Victor Hugo
Men become accustomed to poison by degrees.
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Men become accustomed to poison by degrees.

Under influence of Lord's reading Jimmy Carter has announced that the world is at “turning point in history” and must choose between war and peace. Yes, they read it thanks to Amanda and her friends from the Presidential Palace. It's called Freemasonry.

When You are reading this text the Chinese President Xi has probably left Lord's land and is heading to Beijing to meet with Vladimir Putin. It could be that he is already poisoned by Maltese, like Karol Wojtyla. It can be that it was really historic visit but in different terms and now it is not Xi but just Mao 2.0. It could be, on the way.

The Russians can be upset on the Lord that he is trying to convince Xi to turn against them but they cannot forget that it is the Lord that told them truth about the Messiah. That has told them biggest secret of the West.

There are many reasons why he has did that. One of them is that the Lord wanted to punish the West by not giving them the Cold Fusion and not allowing his son to do this too. This is also main difference between him and the Americans.

When he is talking about diplomatic option he thinks about forging an agreement of postponing the exchange of Cold Fusion. When Jimmy tells that - he thinks about convincing Russians and Iranians to give up their income from the export of oil and gas. But we all agree that the alternative is a war.

The Lord has still a hope that will be able to strike such a deal together with his firstborn son but there are no signs on the horizon that this will take a place.

Russians has ignored his letter to the Ministry of Energy and did nothing in the direction of direct talks. The Lord understands that both Dimitri and Vladimir are in not-comfortable situation, as again will play bad Russians that want to stop the world from achieving this ground-breaking invention but it is such a situation. Such national interest. Such is this world.

Ressurecting Mao

Opportunity knocks at the door only once
Chinese saying

The visit of Chinese President in Poland has started but there are no sharp signals of talks regarding forming of the Fusion Alliance. Seems that Polish government have another goal in mind.

It could not wonder looking at recent 'Smolensk' moves of Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. The Poles seems to not understand how big threat to our sovereignty and independence is a secret of the Cold Fusion. They are more interested in cultivating fascist mythology of Smolensk.

However the Cold Fusion issue must not be strange to Xi himself that just yesterday called Russian President Vladimir Putin and invited him to Beijing just after his Eastern European trip.

Why Poles are playing so dizzy if it is not so hard to understand that Russians will do everything to secure their huge income from oil and gas?

President Putin can conjure West that he is not interested in invading our country but the reality will force him to do so. The national interest will prevail and this is not hard to understand even by child.

Why then Polish President Andrzej Duda is not interested in holding serious dialogue with his Chinese counterpart?

Both countries have interest in obtaining technology that will make them no longer dependent from oil and gas imports from Russia and Iran. Both countries could form political and foremost military alliance to secure transfer of this technology.

But Poles did nothing in this matter. They are limiting themselves to talks on economy, sport and culture leaving the field of energy and military cooperation not touched at all.

They do so, because they will with their own hands take part in Maltese operation to replace Xi and not only Russian leadership. Not understanding that by doing this they will make a great gift to the Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks, that trough Maltese clowns will come to power for long decades.

Will come to power to make a war with Poland to not allow for a transfer of the Cold Fusion. Will come to power to defeat Poles that are preparing a real doomsday for themselves and their country believing that Maltese puppets will have any say in policies of China or Russia while they will be only facade for the Bolsheviks.

The point is that Poles have their own Xi but he would be no different from Mao. Instead of fighting for the Cold Fusion he will allow Bolsheviks to take over the country and the Lord's nest. Take it for another hundred years...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Letter to Xi

On the occasion of  visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Poland Lord has addressed him directly. Read his personal letter to Chinese leader.

Dear Xi,
For first I must admit that I have great sentiment towards Your nation, as only Chinese was supporting me financially during my struggle on the streets of Brussels.

I want also to thank You for following my story from the beginning. I hope that together we will survive the worst that is still to come.

I am very sorry that I cannot welcome You in my country personally but in the surrounding of Polish President and PM you will find many of my friends and followers.

The time You are coming to Poland could be historical one, as the new alliance – the Fusion Alliance could be formed.

As You know the Russians did not welcomed my proposal of direct talks towards long lasting peace between brothers and we are now facing prospect of the Fusion War. The way Your country will play can be deciding in it.

You also, as the West needs the Cold Fusion to gain independence from the oil and gas imports. From the other hand You have excellent relations with the Russian Federation. That is why You shall make a wise foreign policy to keep the balance in this direct conflict of interest.

The peace efforts cannot be abandoned and I hope Your diplomacy will join me in convincing Russians to look for peace deal first but if we will fall in this both nations must be prepared for a war. Probably global one.

Starting a dialogue on this matter with the Poles is best You can do for Your country. The Poles can help You on the diplomatic front. They can be Your advocates when it comes to conflict with the U.S.

Please, do not reject this idea of the Fusion Alliance a priori. The diplomacy is first resort but the war with Russia is still an option.

With hope to have You on my backs,
the Lord

Asian Tiger

Coming events cast their shadows before them,
Chinese saying

Upcoming visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Poland could be historical opportunity to form Fusion Alliance. The mystery of Smolensk shall not override it.

China from long time is struggling with the air pollution that is a sidebar effect of their huge industrial growth and while it have long lasting relations with the Russian Federation, as the West should be interested in obtaining secret of the Cold Fusion.

The strengthening of still symbolic presence of the NATO forces in the country shall be top priority but the government in Warsaw shall not miss an opportunity to form the alliance with this Asian tiger.

While, as the echo of escalation of tensions between US and China over South China Sea also Europe has turned hostile to the great nation of China, Poland shall not forget of imminent Russian invasion to which we are currently heading.

The People Republic of China can be important military force that from the back of the Russian Federation could change dramatically the outcome of the upcoming Fusion War. Together with the NATO forces we could have a chance in defending from before Russian aggression.

The Polish government shall then become an advocate and strong partner of Chinese not only in business but also on the diplomatic front. The upcoming visit of President of China is a historical opportunity for both nations that we cannot miss if we want to keep our independence.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Secret of Fusion

While both Russians and NATO are assuring You that there is no prospect of Russian invasion on Poland the Lord sees things differently. Why it is so? Because of the Cold Fusion.

Even if You does not believe in God or rather You believe in Christian blasphemy that he is a unnatural creature residing in the heaven You can imagine a situation in which somebody posses the secret of the Cold Fusion.

The secret of the technology that will make a machines no longer dependent on power created by the oil and gas. A secret that will once forever make the West no longer dependent on this resources.

The problem is that the place where that person has hidden this secret has been mined by the Nazi and later flooded by water by the Soviets to literally dissolve the Nazi mines. Nowadays any move in this area will provoke the reaction of Russia, so nobody is thinking about this.

The Russians will do everything to stop that person from giving the Cold Fusion to the mankind. The obvious and in fact the only option is the military invasion. Because who will control this place – the nest – will control the Cold Fusion.

Whatever Russians says the truth is that they will not back from anything in blocking this advancement. The Polish-Russian war is then imminent and nobody can change this situation. Could not change if the Lord would not be willing to negotiate postponing of the Cold Fusion transfer.