Tuesday, June 21, 2016


 "And as they still went on and talked, behold, chariots of fire and horses of fire separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven."
2 Kings 2:11

Kaczynski brown battalions – or “perky boys”, as Witkacy would call them, has quickly commented recent post in which Lord is once again warning Poles on the replacement of the world leaders.

It is not first time when Poles are taking leading role in this Maltese operation and not first time when it ends tragically for them. It was Augustyn Gorzenski that observed same situation that made our neighbors angry on them what has effected in the Partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People.

It was Wincenty Pilsudski that saw same during failed January Uprising. It was Witkacy and Mikolajczyk that observed II World War.

The dreams of some in Warsaw has never realized. After installing the clones they had never realized Empire but instead has made a many nations angry on them.
On this Tuesday Prosecutor Office run by Zbigniew Ziobro has announced that “exhumations of bodies of Smolensk victims are necessary”. 

For those that already knows the truth behind the events there is of course no need to make any exhumations. Most of “victims” died in, using biblical language, in a "chariots of fire" that was driving to the place when they wanted to score a total victory on the Lord.
Why then Minister Ziobro sends that signal? He just want to reply to the Lord with his usual Teutonic pride – yes, we are going to make this replacements. We will be great through the ages.

In the irony, other Malta run organization – the Islamic States just on the eve of official diner prepared for Xi in the Royal Castle in Warsaw has stated that “the Poles will be crawling and howling from pain”. Which “Poles” they had in mind? Not those chosen ones gathered around the Lord?

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