Sunday, June 26, 2016

Friends forever

 “It's all God's will: you can die in your sleep, 
and God can spare you in battle.”
― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
While whole Poland was excited by the football match with Switzerland on the other side of globe Russian and Chinese presidents has meet in Beijing. The mood of this meeting was much better that this one he hold in Warsaw.

It is interesting that just on the occasion of anniversary of attack of Nazi Germany on Soviet Union on of leading Polish newspapers has made a question “Was it brutal aggression or prevention?”. In context of the Cold Fusion such questions can be seen little bit provocative.

Is this realistic? Is realistic to think that Poland can convince NATO to make a preventive strike on the Russian Federation? It seems to be as realistic, as to think that the West can convince China to turn against Russia. But shall we not try all the options?

The different opinion had the President and government in Warsaw when we was guesting Xi Jinping. They has been satisfied with apples and pork. Nobody was thinking about starting the dialogue with Chinese on forming the Fusion Alliance.

Polish authorities seems to be playing like a children in the fog not understanding that we do not have even decade to defend from before Russian aggression. The only trick that could save the country would be to forge an alliance with Chinese.

If we will count only on the NATO we will be probably left alone facing Russians. The 4 000 troops that NATO is allocating on the Eastern Flank is merely a symbolic gesture and will not make any difference when the Russian forces will start the invasion to safeguard the Lord nest.

But instead of making alliance with Xi Jinping we has heard him on Saturday talking that Russians and Chinese are 'friends forever'. On same day they has announced that they are cutting off all diplomatic contacts with Taiwan because of their stance on the independence.

The military alliance is then maybe not possible, it is only a dream but we still have a diplomatic option. All efforts to convince Russians for the Lord peace deal will be appreciated and Chinese can play a key role in this hard task. But does the Polish government understand in how grave situation Poland is?

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