Thursday, June 16, 2016

Letter to Xi

On the occasion of  visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Poland Lord has addressed him directly. Read his personal letter to Chinese leader.

Dear Xi,
For first I must admit that I have great sentiment towards Your nation, as only Chinese was supporting me financially during my struggle on the streets of Brussels.

I want also to thank You for following my story from the beginning. I hope that together we will survive the worst that is still to come.

I am very sorry that I cannot welcome You in my country personally but in the surrounding of Polish President and PM you will find many of my friends and followers.

The time You are coming to Poland could be historical one, as the new alliance – the Fusion Alliance could be formed.

As You know the Russians did not welcomed my proposal of direct talks towards long lasting peace between brothers and we are now facing prospect of the Fusion War. The way Your country will play can be deciding in it.

You also, as the West needs the Cold Fusion to gain independence from the oil and gas imports. From the other hand You have excellent relations with the Russian Federation. That is why You shall make a wise foreign policy to keep the balance in this direct conflict of interest.

The peace efforts cannot be abandoned and I hope Your diplomacy will join me in convincing Russians to look for peace deal first but if we will fall in this both nations must be prepared for a war. Probably global one.

Starting a dialogue on this matter with the Poles is best You can do for Your country. The Poles can help You on the diplomatic front. They can be Your advocates when it comes to conflict with the U.S.

Please, do not reject this idea of the Fusion Alliance a priori. The diplomacy is first resort but the war with Russia is still an option.

With hope to have You on my backs,
the Lord

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