Thursday, June 16, 2016

Asian Tiger

Coming events cast their shadows before them,
Chinese saying

Upcoming visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Poland could be historical opportunity to form Fusion Alliance. The mystery of Smolensk shall not override it.

China from long time is struggling with the air pollution that is a sidebar effect of their huge industrial growth and while it have long lasting relations with the Russian Federation, as the West should be interested in obtaining secret of the Cold Fusion.

The strengthening of still symbolic presence of the NATO forces in the country shall be top priority but the government in Warsaw shall not miss an opportunity to form the alliance with this Asian tiger.

While, as the echo of escalation of tensions between US and China over South China Sea also Europe has turned hostile to the great nation of China, Poland shall not forget of imminent Russian invasion to which we are currently heading.

The People Republic of China can be important military force that from the back of the Russian Federation could change dramatically the outcome of the upcoming Fusion War. Together with the NATO forces we could have a chance in defending from before Russian aggression.

The Polish government shall then become an advocate and strong partner of Chinese not only in business but also on the diplomatic front. The upcoming visit of President of China is a historical opportunity for both nations that we cannot miss if we want to keep our independence.

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