Saturday, June 11, 2016

Secret of Fusion

While both Russians and NATO are assuring You that there is no prospect of Russian invasion on Poland the Lord sees things differently. Why it is so? Because of the Cold Fusion.

Even if You does not believe in God or rather You believe in Christian blasphemy that he is a unnatural creature residing in the heaven You can imagine a situation in which somebody posses the secret of the Cold Fusion.

The secret of the technology that will make a machines no longer dependent on power created by the oil and gas. A secret that will once forever make the West no longer dependent on this resources.

The problem is that the place where that person has hidden this secret has been mined by the Nazi and later flooded by water by the Soviets to literally dissolve the Nazi mines. Nowadays any move in this area will provoke the reaction of Russia, so nobody is thinking about this.

The Russians will do everything to stop that person from giving the Cold Fusion to the mankind. The obvious and in fact the only option is the military invasion. Because who will control this place – the nest – will control the Cold Fusion.

Whatever Russians says the truth is that they will not back from anything in blocking this advancement. The Polish-Russian war is then imminent and nobody can change this situation. Could not change if the Lord would not be willing to negotiate postponing of the Cold Fusion transfer.

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