Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Putin did not said

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"Better that a thousand hollow words
is one word that brings the peace."
No only Jimmy Carter is understanding how grave world situation is when it comes to the Cold Fusion. On Wednesday both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the wish to increase defense spending.

The arms race has started whatever we want it or no. We cannot avoid that but we cannot also forget that there is still a peaceful solutions. Russians, OPEC and the Lord with his firstborn Son can strike a deal postponing the exchange of Cold Fusion for another decades making energy shift more natural.

However, Russians did not picked up yet the Lord's letter and has ignored it completely while by the irony – Putin was speaking today in Duma that it is the West that is ignoring Russians calls for dialogue.

He has also said that it reminds him situation Russia had in time before the II World War and Nazi invasion on Soviet Union that we are remembering today. He has then forgotten that it was Russia that has together with the Nazi Germany started II World War by partitioning Poland.

These time such situation cannot have place and we can count that Germany at least will stay neutral, if will not decide together with Americans to defend the Lord's nest and thus this possible Fusion exchange. Of course, if Russians will decide to go on path of war.

Anyway, what Putin is forgetting to say is that they could be forced by their national interest to take over the Lord's nest and thus this the country. How then Russian media can complain on militarization of Poland and Baltic States if this conflict seems to be unavoidable.

This is the status quo that more and more American and European leaders seems to understand and instead of swearing the reality Russians shall focus their efforts on the peace initiative and hold direct talks with the Lord, as he is ready to postpone the exchange.

The arms race is there and it is good but we cannot forget about the diplomacy. Otherwise the world will quickly plunge into III World War. What, we hopes, all sides would like to avoid. Even if the price is postponing the introduction of the Cold Fusion to give more time to OPEC and Russia to switch from energy resources exports to alternative sources of incomes.

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