Saturday, July 30, 2016

Brzeg concession

The Lord anger has worked on Pope Francis in good manner. Bellow you will find parts of his speech in the Polish Brzegi.

“Now we will not start to shout against somebody, we will not start to quarrel, we do not want to destroy. We do not want to win hate by even big hate, violence by violence, win over the terror even by bigger terror.
And our answer on this world in state of the war have a name: have a name of friendship, have a name of brotherhood, have a name of communion, have a name of family.

Friends, Lord is a Lord of risk, this coming out of box. Jesus is not a Lord of comfort, security and coziness. To go after Jesus, You must have a bit of bravery, you need to change couch on pair of boots.

You must go on the street to mimic 'craziness' of our God, that teaches meeting of him in hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, in friend that has end badly, in the prison, in refugee and immigrant, in close man that is alone.

To go by the ways of our God, that is inviting us to become political actors, people that thinks, social animators. Fir up us to think about more supportive economy.

Today Christ that is a road calls on you to leave trace in the history. I must know if You will come. What your hands and legs will tell the Lord?

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