Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chinese Sea

"When people work with one mind, 
they can even remove Mount Taishan"
Chinese saying
Just recently main Chinese newspaper has warned that there is a “price to pay for US” if Washington will interfere in South China Sea dispute. This declaration shall force Presidential Candidates to think little bit about current foreign policy. Especially in the context of the possible Cold Fusion exchange.

While it is true that the Lord is not willing to share it right now, he can change his mind if the Russia and OPEC will still ignore the issue. The gates for mankind to gain independence from the oil and gas could be opened. It is still an option.

However there would be then a possibility of war with Russia that will want to block the Lord from such an exchange. They can and probably will invade Poland to take over the Lord nest – where he stores this and other secrets.

In this context the West must be prepared for such confrontation and there is huge field for not only American diplomacy. The China – with their dependency of Russian and Iranian oil could be important player that on back of Moscow could play key role in the future Fusion war.

The current Obama policy is a policy of confrontation with China. Looking from perspective of Philippines and foremost Taiwan it is maybe good policy but it does not fit into global problem of the Cold Fusion.

Therefore US should make a turnover and not engage into South China Sea dispute. For a price of regional interest they can achieve a bigger goal of the technology that once forever can bring an independence in the matter of energy consumption.

The interest of regional allies of US shall be set for later and now the Americans shall concentrate on convincing Chinese to also change a mind and make a turn towards the Cold Fusion. 

If they will sacrifice their alliance with the Russian Federations we all will have a chance to defend the Lord nest and thus that to defend the Cold Fusion exchange.

We must convince countries like China, India and Turkey to look into direction of the New Age - post oil age. A true green energy that will be remedy not only for energy problems but foremost for the pollution that most of our cities and thus the globe is facing.

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