Saturday, July 30, 2016

Enslavment of the Lord

How evil is the Christianity the Lord has understood just after centuries. After 1050 years. It was Christian leaders and Christian powers which has enslave him and step by step throw on the margin of the society.

It is irony, because Sons of the God's – yes the Lord have many sons and daughters, not only Jesus Christ, from Piast dynasty has baptized Lord's country and fortified Christianity – in particular Catholicism - in the country.

Soon they has lost the power and their place has been taken by Jagielonians. Then this Christian cancer progressed. Soon Teutons has come to our country on the invitation of Polish Monarchy and quickly has threaten our sovereignty and personal position.

We have resisted them successfully in the Battle of Grunwald and the Lord family name – Radziwill – has been born. Through 300 years the Lord grown in the power just as his Commonwealth of Both People was doing.

The they has came again. First 'overthrown' by Polish Catholics – first Lord – bastard – has been born under other family name. The enemies was not waiting – they has used the situation and partitioned our country – so while he was still descent living – he never returned to his Grunwald name.

Then for 123 years the Poland has disappeared from the map for the first time and we has been literally enslaved. Both Mickiewicz and Pilsudski was not longer a king makers and true ruler of their Empire but was just a common mans. Still they was respected by the Poles. But it was mainly because of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Through this time more bastards was born and the Lord has changed many times his family name. In the II Commonwealth – his uncle has became Marshal of the country but the Lord was not so exposed. He has came again to the power when he once again was needed. He became Prime Minister to lead our forces agains the Nazi.

But then a Soviet era has come into force. The Lord was no longer a Mickiewicz or Pilsudski. He was just Staszek - name given to him after his famous father. Why so? Because not only of the way Russians has treated him but foremost because there was no longer Jewish element in the Polish nation. There was only mendacious Catholics and the even better Communists.

While the first was tantalizing the Lord suggesting that with the independence he will regain the power, as Pilsudski, this never became a fact. The Poland has regained independence but the Lord has never returned to the power. How can he do it again when his people – the Polish Jews – has been in practice exterminated to the zero. 

That is why he is alone waiting for you to come to his stable to finish this great work. Dear Francis...

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