Friday, July 1, 2016

Forming alliances

While we are just days ahead of NATO summit in Warsaw the semi-official Kremlin news agency Sputnik is calling for post-Brexit alliance between Russia, France and Germany. Is it possible at all? Not in the context of the Cold Fusion.

The Russians are not interested in this groundbreaking invention that could be granted to the mankind by the Lord or his first-born son in the coming decades. Moreover, while Putin is telling You that he will not get into arms race, it is natural that the Russians will try to block the Cold Fusion and the only way could be through invading Poland.

That is why Polish diplomacy shall focus their efforts on building the military and political alliances to prevent such development. The Lord is still open for the peace deal but it is Russians that are ignoring this possibility of avoiding III World War. We shall show them that the only alternative is the war that they could lose.

And time is running quickly. In next seven years the Lord first-born son will be matured and could, as the Lord, take a decisions on the Cold Fusion. That is why we can expect Russian intervention before this will happen. The clock is ticking and we have just seven years...

The visit of Xi Jinping in Poland was a perfect opportunity to form a founding-stone of the Fusion Alliance but it has been missed one by the government and President of Poland. They shall do everything to convince China that it is in their interest to get the Cold Fusion even if the price would be their excellent relations with the Russian Federation.

In next seven years we will be invaded and having such an ally on back of Moscow would be a deciding factor. The NATO is not going to defend us. Five thousands troops cannot do such a job.

The other possible ally that we are also going to lose to Putin is Turkey. They had a history of hostilities in past and they could be our natural ally that could engage the Russians on the south. But recently both Russians and Turkey are getting closer and go in direction of normalization of their relations.

They are feeling betrayed by the European Union and are looking for the East to form new alliances. They are feeling betrayed because irresponsible declarations of some of the Western allies that Turkey will not enter the EU in this century.

We must give them this dream, this promise if we want to have them on our side when the war will start. The Europe must be ready for sacrifices in the name of higher goal – the Cold Fusion – if want to win this unavoidable war.

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