Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fusion diplomacy

"Many people see only what they want to see. At some point in the history of any new idea, the problem no longer involves logic but is psychological."
Dr. Edmund Storms
Just after holding their summit in Warsaw NATO will held a meeting with the officials of the Russian Federation. Ahead of it Russia has declared that this NATO-Russian meeting will be “meaningless” if Moscow will be “treated as unequal”.

Both sides must understand that in the context of the Cold Fusion they will be talking in terms of new World War or at least regional conflict, as Russians could be forced to take over the Lord nest to block possible fusion exchange.

The West must understand the Lord position who is from one hand not going to trade the Cold Fusion for 'beads', from the other strongly believes that the introduction of the Cold Fusion shall be postponed to give Russians and OPEC a time to transform their economies in the way that they will be no longer dependent on the oil and gas exports.

The Fusion could be introduced to the mankind but not immediately. Possibly decades away.

The OPEC and Russians must be given enough time to drop their addiction to export of natural resources and the West can wait a bit longer. Instead some other technology like a superconductors or artificial materials that would replace metals can be exchanged.

From the other hand Russians if want to be treated by the West, as not a threat but a solid partner must understand that they must enter direct dialogue with the Lord. They must enter the road of peace and accept the Lord invitation to hold a negotiations on the peace deal.

It is not possible for them to any longer ignore issue of the Cold Fusion and bury their head in the sand. They must start such a negotiations but shall not drop the military option at same time. This way, we all can be successful in convincing Europe to wait a bit longer for the Cold Fusion. 

The War and Peace diplomacy is the only option for both Poles and Russians and the chance for long-lasting peace between brothers.

Thanks to our radio and Internet broadcast everybody in Europe is aware of the Cold Fusion secret and thus Russians will not be treated as friends. However they can change this attitude by opening themselves for the peace process...

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