Thursday, July 7, 2016

In the spider net

Not only on the political stage the Lord is scoring setback also in a  private life it is not funny. Seems Kabbalah ladies has been also trapped into net of antisemitic stereotypes.

The first one Amanda seems to be dreaming of some prince from her Presidential circles rather about the Lord. She does not understand that these people have a plan for her as she is part of Kabbalah.

In their plan whatever she wants this or no she will need to spend a time with the Lord to be 'rescued' be her red boyfriend which she hates even more that the Lord.

The problem is that when she will signal that she does not want to be with the Lord she will be again poisoned and to rescue her the Lord will need to grapple his tie threatening by the suicide.

The effect is that when we will finally meet she will be kind of emotional zombie. Somebody that with will be hard to have any serious relations.

The other one Nina has told the Lord that he can forget about her. Well this lovely little cattle ("cielątko") was really fascinating and the Lord though that there is some link between them. That she understands him fully.

The Lord only hopes it is temporary and it will return to the norm. She also is bloody not only by hairs and as Witkacy has written "where she will find somebody else that would love her so much". 

Well, as in old marriage there are ups and downs but the truth is that the Lord does not understand the gentiles and the gentiles does not understands him. Unfortunately all other semitic ladies around him has been taken by the Shoah. Its the gentiles world, my son.

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