Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kaczynski Empire

"The day of the Lord is at hand"
On Thursday Polish media has been appalled by short shot of Polish Independence March in upcoming movie about neo-Nazi movement. But is not such 'Empire' that Kaczynski want to build soon.

It is also not an accident that New York Time in his editorial called Kaczynski a 'clone of Putin'. The clone of Putin exists for real and soon would be installed by the Polish hands. There is more of clones of political leaders from all over the world that would replace them.

In his vision fascist from Kaczynski party want to dominate the world by building waste network of such puppets. But would not this clones be only the clowns? They will replace strong world leaders that are determined to work towards the global peace. The global peace that would bring to Poland security, stability and prosperity.

Instead of this Poles want to install willing-less puppets that will only serve as the facade behind bloodthirsty Nazi and Bolsheviks. A forces that are currently marginalized will gain an upper hand at West and the East. They will not want to listen about the peace. They will be willing to perform a great war to silence criticism into their ranks.

The Poland would be then certainly invaded by them and those allies that would want to help defend the country from the Bolsheviks will no longer be willing to do this. In face of huge political assassination that would be performed by the Poles they will left the Poland waiting for the day of the Lord to come and punish them for their crimes.

The center of this plot is in Warsaw in the Presidential Palace that has become a new age Horst Wessel Lied House. A hatchery of Nazism. This was something that was rooted in times of President Kwasniewski and later has grow on the mystery of death of Jean Paul II to achieve apogee on the occult rape of Roxanne.
The President Duda is a corrupted one. Because of his dirty habit he will not resist this plot but in best case will stand on the side. However, the consequences of it will be grave for the country. There will be no Empire – instead our allies and friends will turn against us and will left the country alone facing invasion from the Russia.

For this reasons we call President Duda to resign from his function and call for new elections in which we will choose someone that is not from Crackow but would be strong enough to clean up this Augean stables from the Nazi.

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