Friday, July 8, 2016

NATO Summit

The NATO summit in Warsaw will certainly not be historical, as some Polish politicians are claiming. It is full of noisy announcement but at same time empty words and meaningless gestures. One is however sure, it is centered around the Cold Fusion.

It is true that NATO will strengthen their presence in the Eastern Europe but at same time it will be very symbolic. Few thousands even best soldiers from countries like US, Canada and Great Britain will not stop the Russian invasion. The effect of deterrence will be thus very limited.

What are then chances for Poland to win the war for the Lord nest or simply a war for Cold Fusion. A war for independence from oil and gas? This forces and level of NATO engagement can look good but only in the press release not on the real ground. A further battlefield.

With such marginal support Poles must look for an alternative. Must start to listen to the Lord and look forward for a peace deal between us and the Moscow. The deal that will bring stability, security and prosperity for us.

If they will not listen to it but will listen to warm words of Western politicians soon we will stand at the face of the real invasion on our country. This words of solidarity are empty words and when the Day of the Lord will come Poles will quickly realize that again they has been left alone. It will be nuclear arsenal of Russia that will stop any talks about supporting us on the battlefield. No one will want to engage into it.

The time is running fast. The Lord first-born son – the Messiah – will soon be matured enough to also have his say on the Cold Fusion issue. In seven years he will have same rights, as his Father. Therefore it is important for the Russians to enforce a meeting between this two, so the agreement of the postponing of the Cold Fusion exchange can be made.

Without such consensus between this duo no talks of peace will have a sense. They must meet together and together made a decision on the future of this groundbreaking technology.

The Western politicians have clear choice if they will not defend Poland from before Russians. They can give up the country for another hundred years or they can support the peace talks and agree for postponing of the Cold Fusion exchange.

In both options it will mean that the introduction of Cold Fusion will happen later but the difference in second one is that together with the region we will gain stability, security and prosperity. That is why leader like Merkel represents War and Peace option saying about ''deterrence and dialogue” while Obama says only about the war – 'deterrence and defense'.

Dear NATO leaders. If You are not going to defend us from the Russians. If you think that Russia is too powerful military and do not want to engage in further war in the region it is wiser for you to engage instead into real dialogue with them that to feed the Poles with false promises, empty words and meaningless gestures. Think twice because the only options in this game are War and Peace.

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