Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oder line

While the Lord still is in favor of the peace deal with Russia he is happy that main obstacle to the Cold Fusion exchange seems to be removed.

The one of biggest argument against the exchange was that after it the West would left the Poland and the Lord like a trash waiting for a revenge from Russians. Now, after the Lord informed Russians of existence of his first-born son, NATO is forced to defend us from before Russian invasion before the exchange, not after.

In addition the Lord was not favorable for such an exchange because the way the West has treated him and the situation he has made is kind of the punishment for this. However, other side Russia and OPEC cartel are behaving in exactly same way that the West.

This leaves the Lord still undecided if it comes to decision on possible exchange. From both sides he did not received any support, so right now, while open to talks with Russians he is quite neutral.

However, he is well aware of the situation and is warning those stating that NATO has bigger military capabilities that the Russians that we are talking about invasion on Poland not on whole block.

Our allies while has made some commitments can still wait on the line of river Oder and allow Russians to take the Lord nest. This is still most probable scenario and Poles shall not reject holding a peace negotiations to avoid possible war with Russia.

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