Saturday, July 9, 2016


At least Barack Obama has taken the Cold Fusion issue seriously. Together with 4 NATO battalions he has decided to send thousands additional troops to the Eastern Flank. Together more that 10 000 NATO and US soldiers will be located in Poland in 2017.

The European countries was not so generous beside one German battalion and few hundreds UK and Belgian troops there are no contributions from the Old Continent. It means that Poland will be able to defend just few days more and the reinforcements from the Canada and US will not have a chance to come on time.

Moreover, French government – while is not contributing to the NATO forces at all – has enforced decision to made this forces only temporary. After two years the NATO support program will be evaluated and the decision will be made on its future.

The idea can be however not so bad looking from the strategic point of view, as it will make Russians to think if it is worth to invade the country in this two years time. Better would be wait for NATO decision on prolonging the Eastern mission.

But there is open question why other European members of NATO are not willing to put their troops on the Polish soil. Does they do not want the Cold Fusion? Probably they do but are too afraid that Russians would not stop only on Poland – on the Lord nest.

The other important factor is the Russian nuclear missiles. They can deter not only Europe but also US. We do not know what will happen after the elections in US and what will be with Obama himself. The criticism of his brave move has been already born and will grown in time.

One of things that Poles must understand is that Obama does not think about negotiating peace deal with Moscow. He want to have the Cold Fusion as soon as possible and is not open to waiting for it a few decades more.

Maybe it is better for the country that risk a war that we can still lose to listen to more pragmatic voices from the Europe. The price for peace seems to be not too high. It will be just few decades more before introduction of th Cold Fusion. Is it then worth to die for the Cold Fusion. Is it worth to risk independence to make Americans happy?

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