Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A new Poland

“Therefore thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: Behold, I will set my face against you for harm, to cut off all Judah."
Jeremiah 44:11

It will be new Poland but different from that one that Kaczynski is dreaming. In this New Old World Order a new Poland will be born. Poland liberated from fascism or rather kaczyzm, as Poles says. Liberated, not by Shultz with his 'Yet Poland did not died' but possibly by the Russians, if not Bolsheviks. Still better that nowadays.

Poland we have since fall of Communism is far from the perfection. The place of the Lord is in his Radziwill palace not in mud hut at the lagoon in Poraj. But this Poland that is building on the Smolensk religion is just new Weimar Republic. Dejudeized in times of II World War. Its Gentlies world, my friend.

The PiS while is still infighting inside is using same strategy that the Nazi party of Adolf Hitler was using when was coming to power. They are keeping up to the same script that Teutons was keeping. 

This makes an illusion for the masses that they are on the side of the Lord and everything is alright. An illusion that have a names of Raga, Amanda, Nina and Roxanne.

And the opposition like in Weimar Republic, fooled by script and their addicted to the CIA leaders are opposing, not the Kaczynski but the Lord. Eating this von Hindenburg brot. This makes Poles to cast their votes on 'friendly' Kaczynski fascist. Kaczynski that will forever remember his brother, just like Paul remembered Otto.

Poland that we have nowadays is just an illusion. When the heart of Our Lady will be pierced by the Teutonic sword people in Poland and all over the world will be finally disillusioned. 

Disillusioned and helpless. It will be to late for them. The dices has been already throw. Not at Rubikon but at Warta. In Mickiewicz's Poraj. And only Messiah can save them. Will they find him on time? We all will see.

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